What we can offer you

Benefits and Environment 
NCCU provides comprehensive compensation for full-time teachers. In addition to base pay and performance-based merit bonuses, full-time faculty also receive a wide range of high-quality benefits including comprehensive health insurance, a living allowance, full access to school facilities, accommodation, and pension package.

High-quality Working Environment

All full-time faculty receive National Health Insurance and Civil Servant and Teacher Insurance, offering comprehensive coverage with low premiums and co-pays.

National Health Insurance:

  • Premium:NT$1,024 to NT$1,701/month (USD34 to 57)
  • Coverage:Illness, injury, accident, childbirth, dental; preventive health care for adults and free cancer screenings for recipient and dependents.

Civil Servant and Teacher Insurance:

  • Premium:NT$969 to NT$1,759/month (USD32 to 59)
  • Coverage:Pension, disability, death, funeral, childbirth, and child care subsidy.

Living Allowance
Subsidies for marriage, childbirth, funeral, and children’s education.

School Facilities 
Faculty children may enroll in the university’s affiliated kindergarten, elementary school, and junior high school. The Taipei area is home to several international schools which use English as the primary language of instruction.

NCCU provides faculty members with single rooms and family suites for two years (extensions can be arranged under certain circumstances). The university area has abundant high-quality, low-cost housing available.

Teaching and Research Support

  • Full-time teachers are required to instruct 12-credit courses (no more than 4 courses) each academic year, while the teachers who are required to be promoted within limited period being allowed to instruct courses no more than 12 credits (no more than 4 courses). Those deemed to have outstanding academic performance will be allowed to reduce their course load to 9 credits.
  • NCCU also offers additional funding for relocation, start-up research support, and extra pay to full-time teachers.

Other Benefits

  • Incoming full-time faculty may attend Mandarin Chinese classes at the university free of charge.
  • NCCU provides full-time teachers and staff over 40 with free biannual health screenings. In addition, full-time faculty may receive treatment at the nearby Taipei City Hospital Outpatient Clinic without registration fee.

Campus & Transportation

  • NCCU is located in the beautiful Taipei suburb of Mucha, surrounded by lush mountains dotted with temples and tea plantations. Taipei is less than 30 minutes away by bus or MRT.

Salary Compensation
NCCU offers full-time teachers competitive salary compensation, including

  • Statutory annual salary
  •  1.5 month annual bonus
  • Merit pay calculated according to academic performance in reference to international standards. 

Retirement Package

  1. Full-time teachers and foreign teachers holding permanent residency can elect to receive either monthly pension payments or a lump-sum pension.
  2. Foreigners are allowed to apply for permanent residency after five years of continuous legal residence in Taiwan.

Yushan Scholar Program
The Ministry of Education’s “Yushan Scholar Program” provides annual salary supplements to scholars with outstanding academic performance. NCCU will actively assist eligible faculty in applying to the program.