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The College of Engineering: Developing Top Engineering Talents

NCKU’s College of Engineering – one of the earliest and most established of its kind in Taiwan, today comprising 12 departments - is a cradle of top talent in a wide range of disciplines including precision machinery, advanced materials, civil engineering, chemical engineering, hydraulic engineering, naval mechatronics, semiconductors, and even aeronautics and astronautics. The professionalism and down-to-earth attitude of the college’s students attract prestigious companies such as TSMC and the ASE group to participate in the college’s collaborative teaching programs. Moreover, the college’s annual NCKU Engineering Leadership Program for Future Elites has been successful at winning corporate sponsorships to develop senior engineering management executives in partnership with the business community.

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The College of Management: Aiming to Be the Best of Asia

In the QS World University Rankings 2015, NCKU was listed among the world’s top 51–100 universities for Statistics & Operational research and in the top 151–200 for Business & Management Studies. In 2012, the College of Management gained accreditation from the internationally prestigious Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), confirming its status as an international-class management school. The college collaborates in joint/dual-degree programs with some of the world’s top 100 business schools, and is on course to joining the top tier of business management colleges in Asia Pacific. The ratio of domestic to international students at the college is around 10:1, evidencing its international profile.

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The College of Liberal Arts:Interdisciplinary Integration and an International Outlook

The College of Liberal Arts comprises four departments, two graduate institutes, and three language and cultural research centers. The highly integrated college has deep roots in the historic city of Tainan, blending the classical with the contemporary and providing an international learning environment. The NCKU Eagle Project, implemented by the college in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning (CEFR), works with departments and institutes throughout NCKU to develop 12 English for Specific Purposes courses based on relevant education theories. The college seeks to develop pluralistic research values and cross-industry talents. To do so, the college will continue implementing the Ministry of Education’s school-level intercollege programs through the college’s “creativity delta” for university-industry-city networking, as well as gender and humanities studies.

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The College of Sciences: Pioneering Advanced Research

NCKU’s school motto, “Pursuit of truth through exhaustive reasoning” is also a core value of the College of Sciences, which seeks to develop students’ capacities for logical and innovative thinking, communication and international cooperation, as well as hands-on skills. The college not only has a solid foundation in chemistry, mathematics, physics, and earth sciences but is also a pioneer of optoelectronics and plasma research in Taiwan. In recent years, the college has been making rapid progress in interdisciplinary fields such as nanotechnology, materials science, biochemistry, medicine, energy science, and astronautics to support national development and strengthen the application of science to daily life.

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The College of Medicine:A Bastion of Medical Research in Southern Taiwan

NCKU College of Medicine–Taiwan’s leading research center for enterovirus, dengue fever, oncovirus, and neurology–emphasizes both medical professionalism and humanism in its medical training. Its International Institute for Macromolecular Imaging and Research Alliance develops R&D professionals in translational medicine, with backgrounds in materials science, medical imaging, biophotonics, biomedical electronics, and other medical technologies. Moreover, the Dou-Liou branch of NCKU Hospital and the Sinhua branch of Tainan Hospital provide long-term medical service to remote rural areas while helping medical students enhance their professional skills and engage in community outreach.

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The College of Social Sciences:Fostering Talents with Commitment to Social Care and Justice

NCKU is one of the few universities in Taiwan to integrate departments and graduate institutes of economics, law, politics, psychology and education into a single College of Social Sciences. The college, a leader in Taiwan’s research into cultural, educational and religious laws, is now pursuing a dual focus on contemporary human rights and public policy and on behavioral research to explore issues related to economics, politics, medical engineering, population aging and other areas of cultural and social practices. In addition, the college’s Mind Research and Imaging Center works closely with Harvard University and Banner Alzheimer’s Institute in the US.

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The College of Planning and Design: A Trendsetter in Interdisciplinary Creativity

The College of Planning and Design aims to promote sustainable development by combining technology and culture through creativity and intelligence. Its Magic School of Green Technologies (the Y. S. Sun Green Building Research Center), which opened in 2011, holds Diamondclass Green Building status in Taiwan, and LEED Platinum green building certification from the US. In 2016, the college was selected by the Ministry of the Interior as the top showcase school for smart and sustainable city development. Students at the college have won the IDEA Gold Award, the iF Silver Award, and top awards at DRIA and Red Dot, and in several years have taken the highest number of awards at Taiwan’s Far Eastern Architectural Young Talent Awards and Young Designers’ Exhibition (YODEX).

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The College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science:Advanced and Interdisciplinary Research of Software, Systems, and Service

The College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science – a cornerstone of Taiwan’s worldwide leadership in information and communications hardware manufacturing – is now preparing the Taiwan IT sector for transformation toward integrated software, system, and service development. The EEiMakerspace at the college’s Department of Electrical Engineering integrates government, industry and academic resources to provide effective guidance and support services and create a sustainable and innovative startup incubation platform that can generate commercializable technologies and products. The college’s alumni around the world also provide abundant scholarship funding to encourage their juniors at the college.

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The College of Bioscience and Biotechnology: Social Practice to Address Global Issues

The college’s strength in the field of aquatic biology has made it a research stronghold for the agricultural and fishery industries in Southern Taiwan. The college is also a trusted research partner to renowned food companies such as Uni-President Enterprises and the DaChan Group. To provide real-world experience to its students, the college maintains long-term cooperation with organizations such as Academia Sinica and the Endemic Species Research Institute. It seeks to transform its research achievements in aquaculture and orchid culture into commercial products and business entities that meet the needs of the agriculture, forestry, and fisheries sectors.


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