Vojtěch Adam

Vice-rector for Research and Innovation

"The organization consists of people, without them it is an empty shell. At MENDELU I was very fortunate to colleagues, mentors, supervisors, managers, students who have been to me, are and, as I firmly believe, will be the inspiration and the driving force for the future. "

Zdeněk Žalud

Professor at Department of Agrosystems and Bioclimatology, Faculty of AgriSciences, Brno

„Mendel University in Brno belongs and always belonged to the workplaces that ensure the free realization of the pedagogical process and scientific research. Especially in recent years has undergone significant modernization, which is reflected not only in the quality of basic and applied research that is supported by strong, often international projects and their outputs, but also in ensuring education for our students. I personally appreciate the stable and progressive environment that supports creative thinking and research during my long-term work.“

Akila Berraf-Tebbal

Researcher at Mendeleum - Institute of Genetics, Faculty of Horticulture, Lednice

"Mendel University in Brno offers a wide variety of facilities that allow me to conduct good research investigations. The friendly working team, the facilities and all the laboratory equipment, makes it a suitable and productive working environment. Hand in hand, we are combining our knowledge in the different biotechnology research areas, in order to be efficient and make Mendel University among the best worldwide, in research and academia."

Amitava Moulick

Researcher at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Faculty of AgriSciences, Brno

"Mendel University in Brno is obviously instrumental for my research and academic career. I appreciate the friendly interaction with colleagues and fantastic work environment. Working alongside a multidisciplinary team broadened my understanding of the biochemical research field. With these foundations, I am able to pursue future research projects and collaborations. In my opinion, Mendel University in Brno is really a role model for successful research in Europe."  

Dorota Tekielska

Resaercher at Mendeleum - Institute of Genetics at Faculty of Horticulture, MENDELU

“Mendel University in Brno gives me a great opportunity to work in multidisciplinary, international research team and expand the experience in scientific field. A fully professional research facilities and excellent cooperation with colleagues enable conducting an interesting and satisfying study. I can certainly recommend Mendel University in Brno as perfect environment for aspiring scientists with multidirectional interests.”