MENDELU as an employer

Work at an institution implementing the HRS4R based on principles enshrined in the Charter & Code for Researchers.

MENDELU offers complete premises with study rooms, libraries, an information centre, PC classrooms, laboratories, an herbarium, a botanical garden and an arboretum. The science and research parts of the Faculty, Mendeleum, a castle park or the landscape of the Lednice-Valtice are also used. The Lednice-Valtice is considered to be the most extensive complex of the composed landscape in Europe (in 1996, it was registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List).

MENDELU has a sufficient network connection, shares the EDUORAM University network, provides access to all key magazine databases, and has high-quality equipment of both specialized laboratories and conventional HW and SW.

MENDELU allows its employees to work flexible hours, and provides part-time jobs and shared job positions.

The University also allows its employees to take a creative or sabbatical leave in accordance with the Czech law.

The experience of the staff from abroad or from the private sector are considered a valuable asset for the University.