Equality & Family Friendly Institution

Equality between men and woman is a matter of course; currently, the University management consists of three female Vice-Rectors, two male Vice-Rectors and the female Rector. Professor Danuše Nerudová, the first woman on the rector position in the 100 years history of Mendel University in Brno, is a strong promoter of equal opportunities, transparency and ethical standards in the Czech universities.

MENDELU adheres to a policy of equal opportunities and strives to create a representative gender balance at all staff levels, including control and management levels.

Employees belonging to the group of people with disabilities enjoy increased protection. The support is implemented through a wide range of activities of the Consultancy and Professional Centre of the MENDELU Institute of Lifelong Learning. The Centre offers a number of compensatory aids for persons with visual or hearing impairment or with other disabilities.

In Survey conducted in June 2018 78% of the answers to the question of whether the working conditions make it possible to reconcile the work and family life, for example with regard to the care of children or family members, were positive.

The Hrášek University kindergarten is intended for pre-school education of children of the employees; its primary goal is to reconcile the family and working life.