Why Lasalle

Global experience

To excel as an artist and a leader, it is essential to stay in touch with the world. Which is why we offer an international curriculum that is rich in diversity and blends with a global consciousness.


We actively engage in industry projects that provide invaluable real-world working experiences and employment opportunities for our students.

Awards & showcase

Our students and alumni have made their mark locally and internationally for their outstanding work. The College has also been recognised for excellence through the numerous institutional awards it has won.


We turn the spotlight on headlining academics and students who have made the world sit up and notice.


Students are mentored by international faculty who span a breadth of creative professions and represent an international career portfolio with the industry’s top organisations.

Visiting artists / artists-in-residence

With LASALLE's status as a premier contemporary arts education institution in the Asia-Pacific region, it's little wonder that celebrated arts practitioners from all over the world choose to visit and collaborate with us.

Star alumni

Star alumni who have walked through our doors don’t just stand out in the local creative scene – they also shine brilliantly on the world’s stage.

Campus & facilities

More than a contemporary architectural masterpiece, our award-winning McNally Campus is a hotbed for creativity, while our Winstedt Campus offers even more liberating room for creative expression.