Internationalization at CZU

CZU embraces a culture of internationalization that enriches our academic landscape and propels us towards global prominence. Central to this ethos is our dedicated Welcome Centre, operational since 2020, designed to seamlessly facilitate the integration of international researchers into our vibrant community. This pivotal initiative underscores CZU's commitment to providing unparalleled support for researchers embarking on their journey to Prague. 

The Welcome Centre for International Scholars not only greatly helps with the relocation process but also ensures a smooth onboarding experience, enabling international researchers to swiftly acclimate to their new environment and delve into their research pursuits. At CZU, we recognize that diverse perspectives fuel innovation, and our Welcome Centre stands as a testament to our dedication to fostering cross-cultural collaboration, knowledge exchange, and an inclusive atmosphere where international researchers can thrive and contribute to our collective academic pursuits.

Welcome Centre for International Scholars: