Applicants Should Be Able to:

  • Integrate his or her research expertise to deliver courses pertaining to the integrated Majors and our compulsory undergraduate foundation level courses, that cover the following themes – Social Sciences & Development Studies, Humanities & Cultural Knowledge, Natural & Physical Sciences, Languages & Communication, Entrepreneurship & Business Studies. 
  • Serve as academic and dissertation advisor, mentor for undergraduate students who choose to pursue advanced individualised majors or individualised minors in their fields of preference.
  • Collaborate with discipline specialist faculty to design the integrated programs offered as part of the individualised Major curriculum, and teach core and elective courses in their area of expertise that is part of the graduate program.
    Conceptualise and execute high-quality research at the intersection of liberal arts, entrepreneurship, digital transformation, and global studies.
  • Collaborate in building a dynamic, collegial environment, and contribute to the intellectual life of CSLA, build interdisciplinary dialogue and exchange with colleagues from other Schools (such as Business, Computing and Information Systems, Economics, Law, Education, Culinary Arts, Fine Arts, Design, Creative Practice, Health Sciences etc.); and participate in the extra and co-curricular life on campus.