About Chitkara University

Espousing the principles of freedom of thought, academic inclusiveness, and the spirit to innovate, Chitkara University is dedicated to nation building, global progress and the wellbeing of humanity as a whole. As one of India’s most prestigious and reputed private universities, Chitkara University, which has also been accredited A+ by NAAC, is committed to cultivating global citizens who will thrive in today’s world and become tomorrow’s leaders. Through the pursuit of education and research at the highest level of excellence, Chitkara University is developing innovative solutions that will help solve pressing problems across the globe.

With a globally relevant and futuristic vision based on our experience of higher education in India and across the world, we are capitally engaged in the process of formulating an educational paradigm informed both by national characteristics and by a global perspective, with goodwill towards all humanity. 

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