About Chitkara School of Liberal Arts

Chitkara School of Liberal Arts (CSLA) at Chitkara University, is a distinctive liberal arts institution located near the beautiful and most progressive city of Northern India, Chandigarh. Committed to imparting quality education, fulfilling teaching learning experiences, CSLA offers a wide range of undergraduate degree programs across various disciplines. The School is a centre and incubator for interdisciplinary teaching and research at the University, with an intellectually diverse faculty representing a wide range of disciplines.

Chitkara School of Liberal Arts strives to pursue excellence in teaching-learning, scholarship, cultural and community engagement by combining the best of Indian and Western liberal arts traditions. A broad curriculum covering an array of courses in liberal education, interdisciplinary arts and sciences, human and transferable skills, undergrad research opportunities and taught programs across disciplines, accommodates students from a wide socio-cultural background. Creating opportunities in choice-based education, combining real-life experiences with contemporary skills, our liberal arts education is characterised by a broad-based interdisciplinary curriculum with specialised integrated disciplinary studies. We are focused on providing mentoring, small class sizes with close student-faculty interactions; a vibrant residential campus; ample global learning opportunities; active community engagement and multifarious workplace experiences.

For more information about Chitkara School of Liberal Arts, kindly visit – https://www.chitkara.edu.in/liberal-arts/