Water Sciences Forum for International Young Scholars

Water Sciences Forum for International Young Scholars

About the Forum

With the goal of building "a world-class university rooted in China" and focusing on the international academic frontier, College of Water Sciences, Beijing Normal University, aims to build an academic exchange platform and a stage to display academic achievements for the young talents from domestic and international who "care for the motherland and have a global mind".

Through online special reports, academic discussions and other forms, the forum will discuss international academic frontier issues on Water Sciences that can broaden academic horizons, promote international exchanges and cooperation. This forum will enhance a comprehensive understanding of CWS's development strategy, discipline construction, scientific research, talent team building and other policy systems. Excellent talents are welcomed to apply the faculty positions of College of Water Sciences.


1. Hydrology and Water Resources 

  • Hydrological process monitoring and simulation
  • Efficient use of water resources
  • Construction of big data platform

2. Groundwater Science and Engineering

  • Groundwater environmental monitoring and risk assessment
  • Comprehensive simulation and prediction of groundwater
  • Soil - Groundwater Pollution Control and Remediation

3. Water Ecology

  • Water and soil pollution control and remediation
  • River dynamics and ecological engineering
  • Ecological watershed process simulation and management

4. Water Security

  • Comprehensive management of watershed security
  • Climate change and ecological hydrological processes
  • Multi-scale water environment health assessment

Date & Venue

  • 15th Sep, for talents who are currently in America
  • 16th Sep, for talents who are currently in Europe and Asia.

Online Meeting Software: Zoom

  • This forum may also be held offline if the pandemic is no more a threat to the public.

Application Qualifications

  • Young talents should be under the age of 40.
  • Young talents should be with doctor's degree or postdoctoral fellowship on Water Engineering or Environmental Engineering or Environmental Sciences from overseas famous universities.
  • Young Talents should publish no less than 3 high level SCI Papers as first author or corresponding author.
  • Fresh graduates are welcomed.
  • EXCELLENT Applicants will be invited to CWS in near future. Travel costs will be covered by College of Water Sciences (CWS).

Application Process

Please fill in the attached form found here and send this form together with full CV, degree certificates, high level published papers and other awards to email: mws2018@bnu.edu.cn; BEFORE 15th August. We will send invitation letter and second round notice to qualified candidates BEFORE 20th, August.


Ms. Li: mws2018@bnu.edu.cn

College of Water Sciences, Beijing Normal University

The College of Water Sciences (CWS), Beijing Normal University was formally founded in January 2005, on the initiative of two academicians from Chinese Academy of Sciences, i.e., hydrologist Changming Liu and hydrogeologist Xueyu Lin. Since then, the CWS has always been academics-oriented and actively adapted to the need of social development, focusing on fostering the students’ research ability, practice ability, and teamwork spirit. Water Resources Engineering of BNU enjoys prestigious popularity in this field, which ranks in the first place in China, and third in the world according to Shanghai Ranking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects. Beijing Normal Univerisity has an excellent water science research platform including National level key laboratory, Key Laboratories or Engineering Centers of Ministry of Education or Beijing. In addition, stable and profound cooperation and exchange relationships were established with many universities in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Thailand and Australia. In 2018, the first joint-education master program, namely, Master of Water Security, was approved by MOE. Each year, CWS will offer international lectures, exchange opportunities to more than 40 faculties. Today, while Beijing Normal University is developed as a “Double First-Class” university in China, the CWS also enjoys various opportunities for development and improvement. Based on the joint efforts of all staff and students as well as the substantial support from all sectors of the society, the CWS will adhere to the spirit of the college motto “as good as water and be realistic and innovative”, firmly conduct the work of teaching, research and social services, and determine to make positive contributions to the blue water and sky as well as the ecological civilization all over the world.

To learn more about us, please visit College of Water Sciences.