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Beijing Normal University Welcomes Global Talents to join us

To SHAPE the Future Together

Talent is one of the key pillars in the success of any great institution and Beijing Normal University (BNU) is dedicated to building a world-class institution by welcoming like-minded talents from around the world; to shape the future together.

About BNU

 Beijing Normal University (BNU) is a public comprehensive university that is renowned for teacher education, education science and basic sciences and humanities. Its roots go back to 1902 when it was established as the Normal School of the Imperial University of Peking. BNU is among the first batch of China’s “Project 211” and “Project 985” aimed at building high-level universities. In 2017, it was included into the Category-A list of the country’s initiative to build world-class universities. Currently, the university is vigorously building a high-caliber system for the development of subjects and a “one university, two campuses” pattern where the Beijing Campus and Zhuhai Campus complement and reinforce each other with different areas of focus. The Beijing Campus focuses on basic disciplines and applied disciplines, while the Zhuhai Campus is striving to be a global institution with excellent standards and new mechanisms; as a southern campus of BNU on par with the Beijing Campus.

1. Recruitment in the following disciplines

Humanities & Social Sciences: Pedagogy, psychology, physical education, Chinese language and literature, foreign languages and literature, linguistics, Chinese history, world history, art theory, drama and film, philosophy, theoretical economics, applied economics, statistics, public administration, Marxist theory, law, politics, sociology, journalism and communication, etc.

Science & Technology: Geography, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, systems science, environmental science and engineering, computer science and technology, information and communications engineering, etc.

2. Positions

Outstanding Talent: Have the ability to lead the development of a subject and carry out high-level scientific research.

Leading Talent: Have remarkable research achievements, and be able to play a leading role in team building and talent training.

Top-notch Personnel: Have distinctive research achievements, with certain influence in relevant fields and peer recognition.

Young Talents: Young scholars who have a high potential in scientific and technological innovation and good teamwork skills; PhD holders who have graduated from universities or completed postdoctoral research at home and abroad; or young talents who have engaged in teaching and research at universities for over two years and achieved exceptional results in research.

Key Teachers: Have a PhD degree and teaching and research experience at a university or research institute and meet the requirements for relevant professional titles of Beijing Campus.

We welcome applications from around the world. Full-time employment and part-time employment are available.

3. Remuneration and Benefits

3.1 Remuneration and Benefits

  • Competitive salary
  • Top basic education resources for children
  • Temporary housing on campus or rent allowances
  • Eligible to purchase housing with joint property rights

3.2 Research support

  • Sufficient research start-up funds and instrument and equipment purchase fees
  • A harmonious and highly competent research team and quota of PhD admissions

4. Procedures and Schedule

Through the hiring process, including public recruitment, preliminary review and recommendation by the schools and departments, and university interviews, the successful candidates will go through comprehensive evaluations before they are offered the employment. Positions for Zhuhai Campus are open all year.

During the outbreak of epidemic situation, BNU Human Resources will carry out online recruitment to ensure smooth progress.

5. Contact Information

Human Resources Department 人力资源办公室联系人及联系方式

Mr Liu刘老师: +86 (0) 756-6126067

Email 邮箱

Please refer to School Contact Information for the respective school’s contact details.

For more about this, you can visit Beijing Normal University Welcomes Global Talents.