Division of Science and Technology

The Division of Science and Technology offers nine Honors Degree Programmes: Applied Mathematics, Applied Psychology, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science and Technology, Data Science, Environmental Science, Financial Mathematics, Food Science and Technology, and Statistics. We also offer a taught master programme titled Master of Arts in Communication-Artificial Intelligence & Digital Media Concentration (AIDM). We provide comprehensive professional training for students, while attaching great importance to their all-around development through social consciousness and self-cultivation.

The Division has around 90 teaching faculty members. They are recruited from all over the world and have rich foundation of teaching and research experience. Together with our teaching supporting and administrative staff, Division personnel offer various after-school study opportunities to students, such as field work, research with teaching staff, and internships in a range of enterprises. Through these practical experiences, students become prepared to solve complicated problems in the real world. They also become prepared to make the important choice between enrolling in further studies, or progressing directly into a professional career.