Division of Humanities & Social Sciences

In 2021/22, the Division of Humanities & Social Sciences (DHSS) are admitting students onto the following programmes: Applied Translation Studies (ATS); English Language and Literature Studies (ELLS); Globalisation and Development (GAD); Media and Communication Studies (MCOM); Chinese Culture and Global Communication (CCGC); Public Relations and Advertising (PRA).

Graduates with Humanities and Social Science degrees are highly employable in a broad range of sectors across business, government, education and international organisations. Our degrees offer a holistic training that gives students skills of communication, creativity, and critical thinking, and inspires and prepares them for leadership. We welcome students from diverse backgrounds to discover and develop their talent. Our globally connected faculty support students through small classes, active learning including internships, and opportunities to conduct research, present at conferences, and excel in regional and national competitions.

First year undergraduates will come into DHSS through three categories of broad-based admission, including Foreign Language and Literature (FLL), Social Studies (SOC), Journalism and Communication (JC). Each category consists of different programmes as follows:


We also offer a Master of Arts in Communication (Communication Studies Concentration). This is a 1 Year full-time or 2 year part-time MA degree taught in Putonghua and awarded by HKBU.