Aalto as an Employer


We are an international community, working on top research, art and education. We are a large and colourful group of bold and curious thinkers, whose purpose is to shape a sustainable future for the whole world. We provide an inspiring and supportive working environment and a diverse professional community to work with.

  • Shaping a sustainable future
    Aalto University’s purpose is to shape a sustainable future. We do high-quality research, excelling and making breakthroughs in and across science, art, technology and business. We spark the game changers of tomorrow, and renew society with research-based knowledge, creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset. All our work is guided by our values: responsibility, courage, and collaboration.
  • Culture that inspires and includes everyone
    Building an outstanding creative community for new thinking arises from our people and our culture. We want to be an open community where equality and inclusion enable curiosity, innovation, collaboration and wellbeing. Our key goals include improving the gender balance, as well as constant evaluation of our inclusion of international people and other minorities in our community. We are proud to be the 2nd most international university in the Nordics.
  • Collaboration reimagined
    Collaboration that breaks boundaries is where big, unlikely ideas come to life. Our vibrant and thriving campus is the home of a bold and curious community, where science and art meet technology and business and innovation. You can find collaborators from anywhere around campus – and not only Aalto University, but also from the surrounding companies, start-ups and technology parks. Get to know Aalto campus, and our virtual experience: https://www.aalto.fi/en/campus
  • Joint direction
    Our purpose is to shape a sustainable future. Our expertise and ideas can play a vital role in leading change and turning global challenges into opportunities. We aim to make the best use of the strengths and passions that each one of us have. We help each other thrive, focusing on the community and people, teaching and learning from one another. Together we can make an impact.