Doctoral studies at Aalto

Doctoral studies are an excellent option when thinking about your next steps after earning a master’s degree or when contemplating a return to academia after building your professional career. As a doctoral student, you create new knowledge through your own research and learn to distinguish between reliable and false information. In this, you are supported by experienced Aalto University researchers. As a doctoral student, you are part of an international academic science community, and develop into an expert in your professional field. 

Doctoral degrees in Art and design, Economics and Business Administration as well as Technology can be completed at Aalto University as part of an international academic community. Doctoral research and studies make you an expert in your research topic and increase your professional abilities.

Doctoral education is valuable in the world of work

55 percent of doctoral researchers plan to work in companies or in the public sector or as entrepreneurs. The rest aim for an academic career. (Doctoral Graduate Survey 2022)

Three years after graduation, half of doctoral graduates are working as researchers, while one in four are in planning and development duties. 40% of graduates work in companies and one third at universities. As many as 3/4 are in expert positions. (Career monitoring survey 2022)

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Aalto Doctoral Studies