Physicist in the field of Particle Detectors

Switzerland (CH)
23 Jul 2018
End of advertisement period
22 Aug 2018
Academic Discipline
Physical Sciences, Physics & Astronomy
Contract Type
Fixed Term
Full Time


Are you a detector specialist with experience in modern Micropattern Gaseous Detectors and you have a strong interest and experience in detector assembly, commissioning and operation? Are you interested to contribute to two CERN experiments searching for physics beyond the Standard Model?

Then seize the opportunity and join the CERN Detector Group of the ATLAS experiment ( in building the New Small Wheel Muon detector upgrade, consisting of Micromegas and small strip Thin Gap Chambers (sTGC), and join as well the team operating and maintaining the CAST experiment ( CERN, take part!

You will join: 

  • The Experimental Physics (EP) Department which carries out basic research in the field of experimental particle physics in a stimulating scientific atmosphere, standing as an important reference for the European physics community. It also contributes to the education and training of young scientists.
  • The ATLAS Detector (ADE) Group which is in charge of the development, construction, operation and maintenance of many particle detectors, spanning from semiconductor detectors and calorimeters to Micromegas gaseous detectors.
  • The Muon (MU) Section, which plays an important role in the construction of the New Small Wheel, a new detector which will be installed in the coming long shutdown for the upgrade of the ATLAS experiment.
  • The CAST Technical Coordination Team which is in charge of the operation, maintenance and upgrade of the CAST Experiment. CAST is searching for dark matter and dark energy particles using a decommissioned LHC magnet. The experiment uses the unique infrastructure available at CERN and is in operation about 6 months of the year.


In ATLAS, you will initially:

  • Participate and be in charge of organising the integration of the individual Micromegas chambers into wedges, that are combined with the sTGC chambers and subsequently mounted on the New Small Wheel. Activities include the drawing up of schedules, allocating adequate resources in terms of person power and ensuring an overall smooth operation. You will also be involved with testing of detectors and defining acceptance criteria and procedures.
  • After completion of the wedge integration phase, towards mid-2020, you will participate in the final surface commissioning of the assembled New Small Wheels, and in commissioning the detectors after their installation in the underground ATLAS experimental area. This work will include testing the correct detector readout and interplay of detectors with the electronics mounted on the detector rim or off-detector, the commissioning and timing-in of the trigger path, performance studies and assessment of initial detector operation needs.
  • Subsequently, you will also be in charge for one of the New Small Wheel integration facilities and its infrastructure, taking the role of the Territorial Safety Officer. In this role, you will interact with CERN’s HSE Department as well as other technical services and collaborators from outside institutes to ensure a safe working environment.

For CAST you will:

  • Play a key role in the technical coordination team as deputy technical coordinator. The task is to contribute to the preparation of the experiment for data taking as well as to ensure a smooth operation during data taking periods. The work includes the consolidation and the upgrade of the infrastructure around the experiment and to the experiment itself, which requires close collaboration with CERN support teams and with the outside CAST institutes. During the operation of CAST, it is expected that you take a leading role in the organisation of the run. During the operation of CAST, it is expected that you take a leading role in the organisation of the run and actively contribute to the data taking.