Research Scientist - Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Pasadena, California (US)
23 Jul 2018
End of advertisement period
22 Sep 2018
Academic Discipline
Physical Sciences, Chemistry
Contract Type
Full Time

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Job Summary

Basic research in the Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering’s Marcus Group in the area of single molecule biophysics and chemistry of biomolecular motors. In particular, the research will focus on the elasto-chemical theory of molecular group transfer and its application to magnetic and optical tweezer experiments in the rotary F-ATPase and linear myosin motor enzyme families.

Job Duties

–Extend the elasto-chemical theoretical framework of molecular group transfer, originally proposed for the F1-ATPase enzyme, to single-molecule imaging experiments in linear motors, in particular myosin V. The investigation will consider the effect of non-linear elasticity of the myosin structure to the force versus rate constant data for the power stroke steps reported in single-molecule force-spectroscopy experiments running programs on classical trajectory calculations.

–Provide theoretical support, using the group transfer theory, for the joint project with R. Matute on large-scale computation of concerted dynamics in F1-ATPase. The investigation seeks to treat, using atomistic molecular dynamics simulations, the hinge-bending conformational changes in the stator subunits of the enzyme associated with binding and release of ATP or ADP molecules and how it induces the rotation of the rotor structure.

–Other duties as assigned.

Basic Qualifications

– PhD in Physics or Biophysics, plus minimum 2 years experience

Preferred Qualifications

– PhD degree with experience in statistical mechanical calculations of biological motors

Required Documents 

– Resume