Specialist in Electronics Systems for Particle Detectors

23 Jun 2018
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22 Jul 2018
Contract Type
Fixed Term
Full Time


You will join:

  • The CERN Experimental Physics (EP) Department to work in the CMS Experiment Systems Group (CMX). The Experimental Physics (EP) Department carries out basic research in the field of experimental particle physics in a stimulating scientific atmosphere, standing as an important reference for the European physics community. It also contributes to the education and training of young scientists.
  • The CMS Experiment is one of the four large experiments of the LHC at CERN. The CMX Group is responsible for ensuring high performance of the present CMS Detector and its infrastructure and also for the design and realization of the upgrades of the Detector, needed to exploit the maximum physics potential of CMS during the future High Luminosity operation of the LHC. The CMS Detector Applications Section (DA) contributes directly to several CMS sub-detectors, sharing knowledge across projects.
  • The CERN team is leading the system integration of the future tracker, testing and qualifying successive generations of readout ASICs and electronic circuits’ prototypes, assembled in progressively more realistic prototype systems. As Specialist in Electronics Systems for Particle Detectors, you will play a key role in the development of the Phase-2 CMS Tracker Upgrade.


As part of an initial phase, you will:

  • Lead the optimization and validation of the Inner Tracker electronics system, which relies on a novel serial-powering scheme, an unprecedented approach for a large-scale particle detector.
  • Plan and coordinate tests in laboratories and in particle beams, supervising the development of the required firmware and software, and you will be responsible for the Tracker Upgrade detector laboratories at CERN.
  • Collaborate closely with ASIC designers to integrate system test results in the optimization of the final version of the Inner Tracker readout ASIC.

Following this initial phase, you will:

  • Contribute to the development of the final Data Acquisition System and calibration procedures of the Tracker, evolving from the system test developments and experience.
  • Play a leading role in the R&D for the integration of novel electronics technologies in future detector designs, compatibly with the priorities of the Tracker construction.

In all those activities, you will supervise CERN fellows and students and coordinate the activities of teams of scientists in the collaborating Institutes.