Professor, Associate Professor, Lecturer, Assistant Professor of Engineering

Professor, Associate Professor, Lecturer, Assistant Professor
of Engineering

Kyoto University of Advanced Science in Kyoto in Japan
Deadline: No later than July 31, 2018. By 5 p.m.  Japan Time
Closed when filled

Type: Non-tenure Track
Salary: Commensurate with experience
Employment Type: Full-time
Benefits: Universal health coverage program offered  
                        by the Japanese government available  
Work-location: Kyoto, Japan
The School of Engineering at Kyoto University of Advanced Science in Kyoto (KUAS), Japan, invites qualified applicants for a wide range of positions at the Professor, Associate Professor, Lecturer, and Assistant Professor level to help launch and further engage in the school's new ground-breaking and innovative Department of Mechanical and Electrical System Engineering commencing in April, 2020. 
To realize this goal, the school is seeking highly motivated faculty members in the following expertise fields starting from April, 2019 through to March, 2020.
industrial design, production design, mechatronics, instrumentation, control,
actuator, ionics, electromagnetics, energy, power device, circuits,
signal processing, knowledge engineering, AI, or closely related fields

Number of positions
Approximately 10 positions

The successful candidates for the positions will have:

  • Undergraduate degree in engineering
  • Earned or expect to earn a Ph.D. or doctorate degree at an internationally accredited institution by the time of appointment
  • Strong interest in advancing education and research at KUAS's new department
  • Promising excellence in producing outstanding research results in the expertise fields mentioned above
  • Ability to assume academic responsibilities in English or a mix of both English and Japanese

 Responsibilities include:

  • Teaching courses
  • Continuing research
  • Conducting lab and project-based learning programs
  • Providing supervision for students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels 
  • Liaising with industry
  • Revising and improving curricula, course work, and programs
  • Leading a wide range of promotional activities for prospective students
  • Committee work
  • Involved in launching this new school/department of engineering at KUAS (in 2019)

 School of Engineering at KUAS

Kyoto University of Advanced Science (KUAS) is a Japanese-government accredited private university that is planning to launch a brand-new and innovative English-medium engineering department in April, 2020.  With a team of internationally distinguished faculty members and active professional engineers in the industry, KUAS plans to break from tradition where teaching and learning has been mainly classroom-based. The school in turn offers more dynamic and work-centered learning environments.  This is well reflected in KUAS's planned joint program with Nidec, the world’s biggest Japan-based maker of precision motors, which is a Forbes ranked company (#90) . This kind of industry-focused collaboration, not only with Nidec, but also in conjunction with other Kyoto-based and world-renowned companies, will add breadth to students' learning outside the traditional classroom learning rigor.

The Capstone Program with innovative and team-based learning
KUAS's School of Engineering ensures the opportunity for students to develop the skills and knowledge that future employers want.  Even from their first year, students will have opportunities to develop these skills in a team by tackling real-world engineering problems. They are expected to design, research, and evaluate solutions.  The Capstone Program is the culmination of 4-year multidisciplinary course work where students will deal with real-world engineering problems presented by industry.  This prepares the students for career success.        
Kyoto, Japan

A city of world-class and global industry

Nintendo (#4 on the Forbes’ World’s Top Regarded Companies), Nidec (#90), Kyocera (#89), Omron (#107), Murata Manufacturing (#109)– all these world-class and global companies have their headquarters based in the city of Kyoto, Japan.  These fascinating companies are just a few examples of the caliber of businesses that are located in Kyoto and successfully operate worldwide. This will turn out to be a great academic research opportunity for faculty members as well as students while in Kyoto. 
Leading academics 

Kyoto has produced the largest number of 11 Nobel prize winners among those of 24 in the whole of Japan. Kyoto has been a profoundly academic research center and base for world-class research and academia. 
1000 year history as the capital of Japan
Kyoto has one of the world’s largest collections of UNESCO World Heritage Sites - 17 of them.  This alone explains how culturally and historically enriched city Kyoto is, and in fact it used to be the capital city of Japan for longer than 1000 years before Tokyo took over.  Kyoto is the perfect place to discover real Japan in your daily life.   
Easy access to international airports, and big cities, Tokyo and Osaka 
Kansai International Airport is just over one hour away from Kyoto. Flight times to US West Coast and European destinations take just eleven hours, while Australia and Asia are even closer. Kyoto is conveniently located in the center of Japan, with easy access to major cities like Tokyo or Osaka.  It takes 2 hours and 10 minutes to travel to Tokyo on the bullet train, and only 30 minutes to Osaka from Kyoto by local train. 


Interested applicants must submit the following materials in one complete PDF file package to
1. Cover letter 
2. Up-to-date curriculum vitae with a photo of the applicant
3. List of research and scholarship in the following separate categories:

  •  Authored research papers
  • Invited/plenary/keynote lectures in international conferences
  • Review papers
  • Scholarly books
  • Patents
  • Prizes and awards
  • Research grants

 4. Three (3) key full-length papers (copies permitted), provided with their summaries in no more than 500 words
5. A4 size one- to two-page summary outlining the exact description of the applicant’s research
6. A4 size one- to two-page description of research plan at KUAS
7. A4 size one-page essay that demonstrates the applicant’s experience in teaching and expresses his/her aspirations for promoting quality education at KUAS
8. Two professional reference letters with their contact details clearly indicated 
Please note that KUAS’s confirmation regarding a successful receipt of application materials from applicants will be made through e-mail from KUAS. Otherwise it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all of his/her application materials will be received by KUAS with no failure, and immediately notify KUAS regarding his/her submission of the materials by the date shown above as the deadline for application.  

KUAS greatly appreciates all applicants’ interest in applying, and offers a follow-up interview only to those under consideration.

Contact Details

Prof. Masafumi Maeda (Vice president)
Engineering School Development Division
18 Gotanda cho, Yamnouchi, Ukyou-ku, Kyoto city, Japan 615-8577