Advanced Post-Doctoral Researcher Fellowship 2018 - 2019

Nicosia (CY)
26 Mar 2018
End of advertisement period
27 Apr 2018
Contract Type
Fixed Term
Full Time

Title: Post-Doctoral Researcher
Number of Fellowships: Ten (10)
Category: Contract for one (1) year, with the possibility of renewal for another (1) year after evaluation
Location: University of Cyprus, Nicosia

The “Advanced Post-Doctoral Researchers Programme” is openly competitive, it is funded by the University’s own resources and seeks to promote scientific excellence.


The candidates must be holders of a Doctorate degree awarded by a recognized University and must have a score of at least 4 on the h-index criterion of the search engine. The selected candidates will be required to participate in research activities of the University and to teach one course over the duration of the one-year grant, according to the needs of the Department.


The selected candidates will be offered one-year fellowship. The gross monthly salary will be €2.400. The Programme provides for additional once-off amount for resettlement purposes as follows: €1.000 from Greece, N. Africa or Middle East, €1.500 from other EU countries, €2.000 from other countries. Furthermore, an additional once-off amount up to €2.000 per year may be added, in case the post-doctoral researcher, presents documentation indicating that, during the period of the grant, s/he participated in a research proposal that has been deemed eligible for funding in the Research Programme HORIZON2020 or the European Research Council (ERC). The net salary amount will be derived after deducting the employee’s contributions to Governmental Funds. The Programme does not provide for 13th salary nor a private employee insurance medical coverage.


1. The proposals must be uploaded to the electronic system at as a
single PDF file. The system also provides guidelines for registration and proposal writing.
2. The proposals must include, among other required documents, a statement signed by both the proposal
Coordinator (member of the academic staff of a Department of the University of Cyprus) and the Chairperson of the
interested Department, stating that they are aware of and agree with the submission of the proposal.
3. The proposal must include the following:
Personal Information

  • Name
  • Last name
  • ID or Passport Number
  • Date of birth
  • Citizenship
  • Postal address (street number, postal code, city, country)
  • Contact telephone numbers (home/office number + mobile tel. number)
  • Email address
  • Undergraduate studies (degree title, date degree was awarded, University
  • Graduate Studies (degree title, date degree was awarded, University)
  • Doctoral Studies (degree title, date degree was awarded, University)
  • Scientific Field (general domain and specific subject)
  • Relevant Department at the University of Cyprus
  • Research Proposal (as a single pdf file)
  • Updated Curriculum Vitae
  • Publications List
  • Copies of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree titles
  • Title of the Research Proposal
  • Proposal summary (up to 400 words)
  • Consortium description, if applicable (up to 750 words) 
  • Description of proposed research study, methodology and deliverables (up to 2000 words)
  • Description of the participation of the Post-Doctoral Researcher in the proposed research (up to 500 words)
  • Impact of research on the scientific field (up to 750 words)
  • Statement signed by both the Scientific Coordinator (member of the academic staff of a Department of the University of Cyprus) and the Chairperson of the Department, stating that they are aware of and agree with the submission of the proposal
  • The course to be taught (course description, semester to be taught, ECTS, syllabus)
  • Budget (includes University funding, partners’ budget, possible co-funding by external entities). University funding covers the researcher’s monthly salary (plus the possible once-off amount for settling purposes), expenses up to €900 per year for the participation of the researcher in an international conference to present research results and/or other academic work, up to €1.000 (once per researcher) for the purchase of a computer and up to €4.000 per year for the purchase of laboratory materials/consumables in relevant projects pertaining to the Departments of the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering. Transfer of funds among Cost Categories is not permitted. Transfer of funds to partners is not permitted; thus partners can enter the consortium using their own funds.

All documents can be in either Greek or English.


1. Submitted proposals will be presented to the Evaluation Committee consisting of one representative from each
Faculty. The Evaluation Committee will submit a recommendation to the Committee of Finance and Personnel. The
recommendation will include the 10 proposals that will receive funding and a list of 10 runner-ups, ranked by
2. The final approval will be granted by the Personnel and Regulations Committee.


The proposals will be evaluated against the three (3) criteria outlined below. In addition, proposals that do not meet the criterion of Compatibility with the participation requirements will not be eligible for funding. The evaluation criteria are also presented in Appendix I – “Proposal Evaluation Form”. The applicants are strongly advised to refer to the Evaluation Form in order to make sure that their proposal addresses all the evaluation criteria.

1. Scientific / technological quality
2. Candidate qualifications and competences
3. Added Scientific Value and benefits for future development

Furthermore, the Committees will be asked to comment on the following aspects (without score):
1. Budget efficiency
2. Need for approval by the National Bioethics Committee
3. Impact of research activities and results on the environment
The Proposal Evaluation Form (Appendix I) will be used to assist in the evaluation.


1. The member of the academic personnel who signs the proposal will act as the Coordinator of the project and also
the supervisor of the courses to be taught by the selected candidate.
2. The selected candidate will be required to teach up to one course per year.
3. The course to be taught may be new or existing.
4. Each member of the academic personnel can sign more than one proposals but only one of the proposals can be
approved for funding in each Programme Call.
5. Only holders of a PhD title awarded by recognized universities who, by the deadline of the proposals submission,
present a score of at least 4 on the criterion h-index of the search engine, are eligible to
participate in the Programme. Selected candidates cannot work elsewhere, nor have a position in or be employed
by the University of Cyprus for the whole duration of the grant. Candidates who are in the process of earning a
PhD are not eligible.
6. The selected candidates will be required to implement the research proposal submitted.
7. Researchers who have been or are being employed as Post-Doctoral Researchers at the University of Cyprus can
apply only after at least two years have elapsed from the expiration of their last employment.
8. Candidates who have submitted a proposal in previous Calls of the Programme and did not receive funding, can
participate in this new Call for Proposals.
9. The grant starts after the approval of the Committee for Personnel and Regulations provided that all required
documents have been submitted and that the Coordinator has been notified.
10. The duration of the grant is one calendar year which includes two academic semesters.

The proposals must be uploaded to the electronic submission system, by
Friday, 27 April 2018, at 14:00 (UTC+02:00)
, Athens, Bucharest. After the deadline, the system will be locked and no
more proposals will be accepted.

For more information, please contact Ms Xenia Constantinou, tel.: 00 357 22 894297,