Associate Professor / Assistant Professor in Biomedical Sciences  

Associate Professor(s) / Assistant Professor(s) 

Department/Unit: School of Biomedical Sciences

Closing Date: Until the posts are filled

The School of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine (CU Medicine) has three major thematic research programmes focusing on: cancer biology and experimental therapeutics; developmental and regenerative biology; and neural, vascular and metabolic biology. Further information is available at The School welcomes individuals who are highly devoted to innovative biomedical research and who value the opportunity to work in close collaboration with basic and clinical scientists to apply for the post(s) of full-time non-clinical Associate/Assistant Professor(s).

Applicants should have (i) a PhD, MD, or DVM degree or its equivalent in the biological and biomedical sciences or related disciplines; (ii) experience in using cutting-edge technologies such as bioinformatics, genomics, molecular genetics, stem cells, transgenic animal and imaging, animal models of human diseases in their studies; (iii) a competitive track record of research and publication in top peer-reviewed scientific journals in one or more related areas; and (iv) a good track record of external funding support. Individuals with track record in research on genetics and genomics of human diseases, neurodegeneration, vascular and metabolic biology, mammalian reproduction, and regenerative biology are particularly welcome.

The appointee(s) is/are expected to lead a vigorous independent research programme aside from teaching undergraduate, postgraduate, medical and general education courses. Appointee(s) will be provided with appropriate laboratory and office space and a start-up package commensurate with his/her qualification and experience.

Appointment(s) will normally be made on contract basis for up to three years initially commencing in the third quarter of 2018, which, subject to performance, funding and mutual agreement, may lead to longer-term appointment or substantiation later.

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