06 Mar 2017
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03 Apr 2017


The Accelerator and Technology sector Unit (ATS), Directorate Office (DO) is looking for an Engineer

The ATS-DO unit encompasses the management and administrative support teams of major accelerator upgrade projects and studies (HL-LHC, CLIC, FCC), as well as teams coordinating CERN initiatives in Research and Innovation Programs for accelerators, such as ARIES.


You will be involved in the integration of complex equipment of various nature and sources to prepare the installation of the LHC upgrade: the HL-LHC project. You will take part in the preparation of the dismantling and installation strategy development, scheduling, optimization and execution. The project will concern almost all the LHC points and you will have to interface and work with infrastructures and accelerator equipment.



As member of the ATS-DO unit, you will join the HL-LHC Integration, de-installation and installation Work Package (HL-LHC WP15). The WP is in charge of centralizing, organising and managing all the activities necessary to successfully accomplish the HL-LHC integration and installation, working in strict relationship with the various CERN Departments and related groups.

In the frame of the WP15 you will directly support the WPL (Work Package Leader) in managing the work assignments in the integration team, in the development of the installation strategy and the definition of the implementations plan. You will be directly responsible for the dismantling activities.

In particular, you will:

  • Take up direct responsibility for the definition of the dismantling plan in the LHC underground areas meant to host new HL-LHC equipment. This includes the definition of the intervention strategy on activated equipment and its validation by the different stakeholders.
  • Take the lead for the implementation of the above-mentioned plan being present on the ground as much as necessary. This concerns both the procedure development phase and the execution phase.
  • Mobilise the resources through the various involved groups and whereas necessary establish outsourcing contracts. In this frame you will foster and pursue the overall technical and procedural coherency across the project.
  • Take part in the general integration effort working with the required 3D tools (CATIA, Autocad,¿) in order to check proposals coming from the HL-LHC integration team or from the integration teams of other groups involved in the HL-LHC project.
  • Take part in the machine lay-out development activity.
  • Take part in the general integration documentation load  and support the WPL in the budget preparation and update.
  • Support the WPL in the preparation of the consolidation plan necessary to ensure that the LHC machine is ready to be transformed into the HL-LHC one.


Mastrer's degree  in the field of engineering or physics or equivalent.

Eligibility and closing date

Internal  mobility opportunity open only for current CERN staff members holding a limited duration or an indefinite staff contract.

This vacancy will be filled as soon as possible, and applications should normally reach us no later than 23.03.2017.

Note on Employment Conditions

These functions require :

  • Work in radiation areas.
  • Interventions in underground installations.
  • A valid driving licence .
  • Shift work, when required by the needs of the Organization.
  • Stand-by duty, when required by the needs of the Organization.
  • Work during nights, Sundays and official holidays, when required by the needs of the Organization.

For further information please contact your HRA.
Grade 6 or 7