Dean of the School of Engineering

Kazakhstan (KZ)
31 Mar 2017
End of advertisement period
01 May 2017
Academic Discipline
Engineering & Technology
Contract Type
Full Time

Job duties and responsibilities:
The employee will be based in Astana, Kazakhstan

Post Title:   Dean of the School of Engineering
Reports to:  the Provost of “Nazarbayev University”
Responsible for: All Nazarbayev University School of Engineering staff, with the Vice-Dean, the Executive Director and the Dean’s Personal Assistant as direct reports. The Executive Director also reports to the Executive Vice President on financial and budget matters.
Main Purpose of the Role
The Dean is the principal officer of the School of Engineering and is responsible for the strategic leadership and executive management of the School.
Main Duties and Responsibilities

Clarify Vision and Strategy
1. Clarify, communicate and implement the School's strategic direction through the Strategic Plan.
2. Develop a relationship of mutual respect with faculty, students, staff, alumni, university, corporate and state leaders as well as other universities in Kazakhstan and abroad.
3. To chair the School Senior Management Committee.
4. To participate in the strategic management of the University as directed by the Provost or the President.
5. Ensure the School is appropriately marketed to key individuals and groups.
6. Actively support program and institutional accreditation and/or evaluation, consistent with University policy.
7.  Manage the relationship with the strategic partner(s).
8.   Establish and maintain an appropriately constituted industry or professional advisory group.
9.  Create a structure for academic achievement for the School.
10. Contribute to University committees and activities and communicate University policies to the School.
11. Work with the relevant departments to oversee the School's financial resources in accordance with University policies.
12. Work with the relevant departments and Executive Director to oversee the School's financial resources in accordance with University policies, relevant legislation and the strategic direction of the School.
13. To oversee and direct the annual budget-setting process for the School of Engineering, in consultation with the Executive Director.
14. To be responsible for the overall financial health of the School and the achievement of agreed budgetary and management performance targets.
15. To ensure the School’s finances and financial information are managed in accordance with the university’s Financial Regulations and approved procedures.
16. To ensure that the School’s building(s) and equipment are effectively managed in support of the School’s and the University’s strategic objectives.
17. To ensure that all School committees are constituted and operate regularly at appropriate times during the academic year.
18. Develop and continuously review student recruitment targets, consistent with University policy.
19. Collaborate with other Schools, Research Centres and units on curriculum, research and teaching to ensure efficient use of University resources.
20. Encourage and support applications for graduate study and appropriate career opportunities for the School’s graduates.
Lead People
1. Frequently use formal and informal ways to reward faculty and staff who uphold the vision and mission of the School, through research, teaching and service.
2. Ensure a fair, safe and harassment-free work and study environment in accordance with NU policies.
3. Ensure that adequate resources are allocated to implement the health and safety program of the School and to address potential health and safety risks to staff students and visitors.
4. Maintain and continuously review plans for the staffing needs of the School.
5. Recruit high quality faculty who can contribute to the University’s international research impact.
6. Optimise faculty resources, including creating joint appointments with other Schools and universities, as appropriate.
7. Ensure faculty receive regular reviews of performance in accordance with University policy, and that action plans are developed and implemented in the spirit of continuous improvement.
8. Be responsible for faculty promotion.
9. Encourage and facilitate appropriate faculty to apply for teaching, research and service awards, in accordance with University policy.
10. Ensure timely and effective communication with faculty, staff and students.
11. Encourage maximum faculty participation in the activities of the School and the University.
12. Ensure support, counselling and mentoring of faculty and staff.
13. Clarify reporting lines and duties of senior faculty and administrators, consistent with University policy.
14. Conduct regular staff/faculty satisfaction surveys and communicate results and action plans to the School.
15. To actively uphold the values of the university, including on all aspects of academic integrity, as stated in the NU Learning and Teaching Strategy and other university policies.
16. To co-ordinate, mentor, develop and appraise direct reports.
Foster a Research Culture
1. Define and communicate the School’s research strategy.
2. Provide inspiration and direction in all areas of research.
3. Actively encourage and support faculty to apply for research grants.
4. Work with University stakeholders to help develop research infrastructure which is aligned with emerging research opportunities.
5. Develop own research interests.
6. Undertake professional development consistent with the role of Dean.
7. Promote research integrity and responsibility ensuring that all School faculty and staff uphold policies and research ethics when planning, conducting, and reporting research and scholarly activities.
8. Lead the School's external relationships and represent faculty, School and institutional interests in collaborating with relevant research entities on national and international levels.
9. To approve applications for research support from the University’s Social Policy Research Fund.
10. To liaise with the Vice-Dean (Research) on all research matters affecting the School.
11. Work effectively with other Deans to encourage collaboration across and between schools and research centers.
12. Encourage technology transfer and commercialization of intellectual properties developed by faculty and students.
13. To co-ordinate the School’s views on the University’s provision of learning resources, including library, computing, information technology provision, and other matters relating to educational and administrative support, and to advance those views to the appropriate University bodies and officer(s).
Integrate Research and Teaching
1. Define, review and uphold the School’s Learning and Teaching Strategy, consistent with the University Learning and Teaching Strategy.
2. Oversee the quality enhancement process, consistent with the NU Quality Framework.
3. To liaise with the Vice-Dean (Academic Affairs) on all educational matters affecting the School.
4. To liaise with the Director of Studies on all academic and pastoral issues affecting students within the School.
5. To agree student recruitment targets for the School, in consultation with the university.
6. To oversee examination matters at School level and to chair the School of Engineering Board of Examiners.
7. Promote and explicitly reward excellence in teaching.
8. Develop and promote creative ways to integrate teaching and research.
9. Oversee courses and programs consistent with the strategy of the School and the University.
10. Collaborate with other Schools to optimise teaching and learning resources, including sharing of courses and sharing faculty, as appropriate.
11. Conduct regular reviews of the School’s  and its Departments.
12. Oversee regular reviews of courses and programs, consistent with University quality enhancement policies.
13. Ensure that student feedback on courses and programs is communicated to faculty, and that action plans are developed and implemented
This job description reflects the present requirements of the post and, as duties and responsibilities develop, the job description will be reviewed and be subject to amendment in consultation with the post holder.