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Senior Research Fellow, Programme Director (FSSD)

As a University of Applied Learning, SIT works closely with industry in our research pursuits.  

SIT invites applications for the position of Program Director as part of the Future Ship and System Design (FSSD) R&D program. FSSD R&D program is a multi-project research programme with the focus on maritime decarbonization and is funded by Singapore Maritime Institute. The program involves close partnership with Maritime Port Authority (MPA) of Singapore. The research projects have diverse industry, research institutes and academic collaborators from Singapore and Overseas. The projects are categorized into 3 capability areas: 1) Ship and System Design for Sustainability 2) Intelligent Ship and Operations and 3) Charging Infrastructure & Onshore Microgrid.  

The primary responsibility of the Program Director is to manage the research program and to assist the Lead Principal Investigator and the three Capability Area (CA) Leads in scientific, technical, and administrative matters. The PD will support R&D activities in Maritime Decarbonization and lead activities such as demonstration, and deployment of innovative solutions arising from the projects under the FSSD program.  

The PD will serve as a point-of-contact working closely with the individual research project teams and with the external stakeholders and funding agency. The responsibility include facilitating and supporting research & joint development agreements such as Research Collaboration Agreements with Industry or University or partners research institutes.

Key Responsibilities:

  • To assist the Lead Principal Investigator and the three Capability Area (CA) Leads in scientific, technical, and administrative matters.
  • Assist in project planning and undertake coordination responsibilities including coordination with funding agencies, industry partners, academic collaborators, and individual investigators to ensure alignment of goals and objectives. Activities include scheduling and leading regular project meetings to monitor progress and address any issues.
  • Stakeholder Management responsibilities include acting as the primary point of contact for all project stakeholders, and in the process, building and maintaining strong relationships with industry partners, funding agencies, academic collaborators, and research investigators.
  • Budget Management responsibilities include development and management of project budget, ensuring that expenditures are within approved limits. Activities include monitoring financial performance, preparing financial reports, and providing regular updates to stakeholders.
  • Compliance and Reporting responsibilities which include ensuring projects comply with all relevant regulations, policies, and ethical standards and assist in preparation and submission of required reports to funding agencies and other stakeholders on time.
  • Risk Management responsibilities include identification of potential risks to the projects execution and develop mitigation strategies working with individual project teams including implementation of contingency plans to address unexpected challenges.
  • Team Management responsibilities include management of tasks, providing guidance and support for research management and assisting in managing team dynamics to ensure a productive work environment.
  • Communication and dissemination of research output including development and implementation of a communication plan to ensure effective information sharing among all stakeholders. Responsibilities include organizing and overseeing dissemination activities, such as conferences, workshops, and publications. The role should ensure that research findings are communicated effectively to both academic and non-academic audiences.
  • Administrative Duties include handling administrative tasks related to the project, such as scheduling, correspondence, and record-keeping. Ensure that all projects documentation is up-to-date and accessible to relevant stakeholders.

Job Requirements:

  • Ph.D. or Master's Degree in Engineering or Sciences is preferred
  • Domain knowledge and experience in R&D supporting maritime industry and related eco-system with a strong research management track record in fields of maritime decarbonization would be advantageous.
  • Demonstrated leadership in R&D with; very good publications, or intellectual property track record would be advantageous.
  • Proven communication and leadership skills to motivate the research team members and to provide mentorship and support research team building.
  • Preferred to have very good industrial experience either by having worked in industry research or having completed projects with industry partners and (or) agencies such as Maritime Port Authority (MPA) Singapore, on projects which had deployment-based validation.
  • Must be able to work in and lead interdisciplinary teams with a wide variety of competences and a high level of diversity.

Key Competencies

  • The candidate should have experience in research program management, managing large, multi-stakeholder research projects.
  • Strong organizational leadership and communication skills are essential.
  • Role requires excellent interpersonal skills to manage diverse teams and interact with various stakeholders.
  • Conflict resolution and negotiation skills are important for maintaining positive working relationships.
  • Able to build and maintain strong working relationships with people within and external to the university.

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