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MSN - Postdoc in coatings for Energy

Morocco (MA)
Closing date
30 Jun 2024

Post-doc position:

Engineering thin film materials and structures via physical vapor deposition for energy applications

•    Conduct experimental research to advance the understanding of thin film deposition processes using PVD techniques such as magnetron sputtering
•    Optimize deposition parameters to achieve desired thin film properties
•    Characterize deposited thin films using material characterization techniques
•    Explore and evaluate different materials to achieve specific thin film properties for applications like photocatalysis and energy storage.
•    Develop and implement diagnostic techniques to characterize the plasma during sputtering processes to study plasma parameters such as electron density, temperature, and composition, using optical emission spectroscopy (OES) and Langmuir probe measurements.
•    Investigate the effects of process parameters on plasma properties and sputtering process, to optimize sputtering conditions for improved thin film properties.
•    Investigate ionization mechanisms in the plasma during sputtering and including ionization, dissociation, to elucidate the fundamental mechanisms driving sputtering phenomena.
•    Analyze experimental data, interpret results, and draw conclusions to guide further research directions or process improvements
•    Track and report project tasks during the periodic review meetings.
•    Publish high-quality scientific publications 
•    Supervision of master and PhD students, providing guidance on experimental techniques, data analysis, and research methodologies.


•    You have a PhD degree in Engineering or Applied Sciences (Materials, Chemistry, Physics) 
•    Knowledge of surface technology, thin film synthesis by PVD methods and their characterization 
•    Practical experience thin film deposition/characterization and plasma characterization
•    You take initiative and can work independently, and as and as part of a multidisciplinary team
•    You have good communication skills and are proficient in English and French, both written and orally.

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