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Research Engineer (Artificial Intelligence) - DW2

Closing date
31 Dec 2024

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Job Details

As a University of Applied Learning, SIT works closely with industry in our research pursuits. Our research staff will have the opportunity to be equipped with applied research skill sets that are relevant to industry demands while working on research projects in SIT. 

SIT-NVIDIA Joint AI Center is a new initiative launched between SIT and Nvidia that aims to help local companies with AI transformation and adaptation by leveraging advanced AI technology such as the foundation and Generative AI models, LLM, RAG, NLP, CV, etc. SIT invites applications for the position of Research Engineer at the SIT-NVIDIA Joint AI Center. This role offers an exciting opportunity for individuals to engage in innovative AI research that connects academic insights with industrial applications. Ideal candidates will have a background in developing AI solutions and a proven track record in research and / or AI development experience.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Research Development and Implementation
    • Assist in designing and executing AI research projects that meet both academic and industry standards.
    • Develop, test, and optimize AI prototypes and simulation models using modern technology stacks.
    • Adhere to SIT’s rigorous operational guidelines and ethical standards in all research activities.
  2. Technical Support and Collaboration
    • Provide robust technical support to the team, aiding in data analysis, software development, and system troubleshooting.
    • Collaborate closely with engineers and researchers from NVIDIA and other industry partners to enhance AI model accuracy and utility.
    • Contribute to technical documentation and project reports, ensuring thoroughness and accuracy.
  3. Knowledge Dissemination and Training
    • Help prepare materials for scholarly publications and presentations at academic and industry conferences.
    • Facilitate the training of students and new team members on AI technologies and project protocols.
  4. Project and Resource Management
    • Assist in managing project timelines and resources, ensuring projects progress smoothly and efficiently.
    • Identify potential technical challenges and participate in strategic planning sessions to address them effectively.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer science, data science, data analytics, AI, or related fields.
  • Hands-on experience in machine learning, deep learning, or related AI methodologies, preferably with a focus on industrial applications.
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, and C++, and familiarity with AI frameworks like TensorFlow or PyTorch.

Key Competencies

  • Experience with NVIDIA’s hardware and software ecosystems.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and a collaborative spirit.
  • Strong communication skills, capable of conveying complex information clearly and engagingly.

Application Process

Candidates should submit a resume, cover letter detailing research achievements publication history, and references to the SIT career portal. Additional documents such as a research portfolio or evidence of previous project work may also be submitted.


Company info
+(65)65 6592 1136

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