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Research Engineer / Fellow (Network Security)

Closing date
31 Dec 2024

Job Details

As a University of Applied Learning, SIT works closely with industry in our research pursuits. Our research staff will have the opportunity to be equipped with applied research skill sets that are relevant to industry demands while working on research projects in SIT. 

You will be working with a team of researchers in the Future Communications Translation Lab (FCTL), the primary responsibility of this role is to investigate, analyse, and enhance end-to-end security in the 5G testbed, support the development, testing and validation of 5G security use cases and applications, in collaboration with industry partners.

Key Responsibilities

  • Lead and coordinate 5G security applied research projects focusing on advanced communication technologies, ensuring that project goals are met in collaboration with the Principal Investigator and team members.
  • Design and implement threat hunting exercises to identify, analyze, and mitigate cyber threats within 5G testbed.
  • Simulate 5G environment for executing threat scenarios such as fake base station setups, DDoS attacks, and malicious network function placements.
  • Develop a systematic framework for continuously updating the threat detection capabilities based on emerging threats and operational feedback.
  • Conduct pilot testing on 5G testbed to monitor their effectiveness in real-time applications, followed by comprehensive evaluation and validation to ensure reliability and accuracy.
  • Implement and test a feedback system to continuously refine security policies, ensuring the minimization of false alarms and positives.

Job Requirements

  • PhD/Advanced Degree in Cybersecurity, Information Technology, Computer Science, or a related field; advanced degrees and professional certifications in cybersecurity (e.g., CISSP, OSCP) preferred.
  • Demonstrated ability to design and implement testbeds and conduct feasibility studies for advanced networking technologies with a good background in SDN/NFV technologies.
  • Proficiency with security frameworks for executing threat modeling and behavior analysis.
  • Proficient in programming in C and Python, with experience in embedded Linux environments.
  • Strong analytical skills, with proficiency in using AI and machine learning technologies for security data analysis and anomaly detection.
  • Commitment to continuous learning and development in the field of cybersecurity to keep pace with the rapidly evolving threat landscape.

Key Competencies

  • Able to build and maintain strong working relationships with people within and external to the university.
  • Self-initiated who believes in continuous learning and development
  • Proficient in technical writing and presentation
  • Possess strong analytical and critical thinking skills.
  • Strong initiative and take ownership of work
  • Team player


Company info
+(65)65 6592 1136

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