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Animal Handling Research Lab Specialist

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Closing date
6 May 2024


Research Lab Specialist - Research CMHS

Research Laboratory Specialist is responsible to work closely with the laboratory Principle Investigators (PIs) in the College of Medicine and Health Sciences (CMHS) to help assist in research laboratory operations and work in the foundation stages of research and development (R&D) and in scientific analysis and investigation.

Strategic Responsibilities 

The Vivarium Facility in CMHS at KU is dedicated to facilitate and help research activity by providing investigators and researchers advanced instrumentation and high-level technical and scientific expertise in animal handling and care. We are seeking a Research Laboratory Specialist with advanced experience in animal handling to integrate an exciting scientific community at CMHS.

Key Responsibilities include:

Animal Care and Husbandry:

  • Provide daily care for mouse and rats, including feeding, watering, and monitoring overall health.
  • Maintain clean and sanitary conditions within animal housing facilities.
  • Ensure compliance with ethical standards and guidelines for animal care and use.

Environmental Monitoring:

  • Monitor and maintain proper environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, and lighting, within the vivarium.
  • Respond promptly to any environmental deviations and implement corrective measures.

Health Surveillance:

  • Conduct routine health assessments and coordinate with veterinary staff to address any health concerns.
  • Administer routine treatments, vaccinations, and recordkeeping related to animal health.

Cage Changing and Facility Maintenance:

  • Perform routine cage changing and maintain proper sanitation in animal housing areas.
  • Assist in the maintenance and repair of vivarium equipment and facilities.

Research Support:

  • Collaborate with researchers to provide technical support for experiments involving laboratory animals.
  • Assist in the setup and breakdown of experimental procedures within the vivarium.

Logistic tasks:

  • Stock management of satellite vivarium and cage washing room.

Experimental procedures:

  • Assist the scientific personnel during some experimental procedures (tail vein injection, gavage).
  • Perform some of the procedures yourself after proper training.

Breeding of mice:

  • Start-up new breeding pairs.
  • Weaning of pups.
  • Taking samples for genotyping purposes.
  • Registration of mice in an electronic database.
  • Follow-up the general health status of the animals.

Operational Responsibilities

  • Proficient in safely handling and restraining laboratory animals, ensuring the well-being of the animals and minimizing stress. 
  • Competent in the operation and maintenance of vivarium equipment, including cage washers, environmental control systems, and other relevant tools.
  •  Knowledgeable about local, state, and federal regulations governing the ethical treatment of laboratory animals and capable of ensuring compliance.
  • Strong organizational skills for maintaining accurate and detailed records related to animal health, experimental procedures, and facility maintenance.
  • Ability to monitor and control environmental parameters within the vivarium, such as temperature, humidity, and lighting, to ensure optimal conditions.
  • Proficient in conducting health assessments, recognizing signs of illness, and coordinating with veterinary staff for appropriate interventions.
  • Skillful in performing routine cage changing and maintaining a clean and sanitary environment within the vivarium to prevent contamination.
  • Capable of providing technical support to researchers, assisting in the setup and breakdown of experimental procedures, and ensuring animal welfare during experiments.
  • Provide scientific, technical and logistical support to Research laboratory users. 
  • Develop, design and conduct research lab experiments in line with the overall research plan, review progress and evaluate results with supervision from the Principal Investigator
  • Formulate research methods and suggest options for improving quality, identify potential problems, and recommend solutions.
  • Assist in the selection, safe operation and maintenance of equipment used in the laboratories.
  • Conduct a cost and risk analysis on the design and the equipment to be selected to ensure proper and efficient selection. 
  • Work effectively as part of a laboratory team, including assisting colleagues in skill development as needed.
  • Maintain databases and experimental records.
  • Assist with maintenance of equipment and train others on use of equipment.
  • Assist with laboratory safety and ordering.
  • Ensure that all aspects of day to day operations comply with HSE policies and procedures and take corrective action in cases on non-compliance.
  • Conduct analysis of data, and interpret and implement research methodology (with supervision from the Principal Investigators).
  •  Act as liaison with other departments, divisions or organizations.
  • Monitor an inventory and database of all equipment and supplies and ensure the accuracy of entries and records.
  • Adhere to the University's information security and confidentiality policies and procedures, and report breaches or other security risks accordingly.
  • Coordinate with other departments to facilitate the accomplishment of tasks and responsibilities, as and when needed.
  • Perform any other tasks assigned by the Line Manager.


Required Qualifications

  • Master’s or Ph.D. in a relevant field (e.g., Biology, Immunology, Cell Biology, Animal Science, Veterinary Technology).
  • Having an education or certification (AALAS, FELASA A, or similar) as animal caretaker
  • Previous experience in a vivarium or laboratory animal facility is preferred.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a team environment.
  • Familiarity with laboratory safety protocols and quality control procedures.
  • Familiarity with regulatory requirements and guidelines related to animal care and use. Knowledge of animal behavior, physiology, and welfare.

Required Experience

  • Expats: 5 years of hands-on experience in animal handling techniques.
  • UAE Nationals: 1 year of hands-on experience in animal handling techniques.

Closing Date: 06 May 2024

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