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ACER - Assistant / Associate Professor in Electrochemistry and Corrosion Science

Morocco (MA)
Closing date
29 Jun 2024

The Applied Chemistry and Engineering Research Centre of Excellence (ACER CoE) at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) invites applications for Assistant/Associate Professor in Electrochemistry and corrosion sciences.

Description of UM6P

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) is an internationally oriented institution of higher learning, that is committed to an educational system based on the highest standards of teaching and research in fields related to the sustainable economic development of Morocco and Africa. UM6P is an institution oriented towards applied research and innovation. On a specific focus on Africa, UM6P aims to position these fields as the forefront and become a university of international standing.

More than just a traditional academic institution, UM6P is a platform for experimentation and a pool of opportunities, for students, professors and staff. It offers a high-quality living and study environment thanks to its state-of-the-art infrastructure. With an innovative approach, UM6P places research and innovation at the heart of its educational project as a driving force of a business model.

In its research approach, the UM6P promotes transdisciplinary, entrepreneurship spirit and collaboration with external institutions for developing up to date science and at continent level in order to address real challenges.

All our programs run as start-ups and can be self-organized when they reach a critical mass. Thus, academic liberty is promoted as far as funding is developed by research teams. The research programs are integrated from long-term research to short-term applications in linkage with incubation and start-up ecosystems.

Description of ACER-CoE

The Centre was established in early 2022 to address enduring process challenges in Chemistry and Engineering disciplines and create an environment for interdisciplinary/collaborative research. The research program of ACER CoE is multidisciplinary in nature aiming to create a platform bridging chemistry and engineering with faculty members affiliated and/or non-affiliated to other UM6P departments.

The faculty members with their research groups at ACER CoE have complementary expertise from different filed of Chemistry (inorganic, organic, coordination, Polymeric, physical, analytical) combined with different filed of Engineering (chemical, process, Mechanical, electrical, etc …) to address problems in industrial, residential and transportation sectors.

Desired Skills and Experience

In order to reinforce the team, the steering committee of ACER CoE has decided to open a position for an Assistant or Associate Professor specializing in Electrochemistry and corrosion sciences. The prospective candidate will play a pivotal role in enhancing the ACER CoE Center's capabilities by initiating and advancing innovative research programs. These endeavors aim to extend UM6P's scholarly understanding of corrosion science, focusing on the development of sustainable corrosion management strategies and preventive actions. Additionally, the role encompasses the translation of scholarly research into eco-friendly, practical solutions.

Responsibilities of the appointed candidate will include:

  • Establishing and advancing a world-class independent research program in Corrosion Science, with an emphasis on corrosion control for metals, infrastructure durability, and computational modeling.
  • Obtaining funding and steering research initiatives in alignment with the strategic goals of the ACER CoE Center.
  • Undertaking fundamental and applied research, addressing industrial challenges in corrosion through multidisciplinary collaborations within UM6P and with external partners.
  • Publishing research findings in prestigious journals and disseminating knowledge through peer-reviewed articles, books, international symposiums, and securing patents from innovative research.
  • Proficiency in understanding and tackling corrosion in various industrial contexts, developing strategies for corrosion prevention, monitoring techniques, predicting corrosion damage, and employing methods for corrosion characterization.
  • Investigating and managing corrosion issues pertinent to the phosphate industry, devising sustainable solutions for corrosion prevention, and implementing protective strategies.
  • Proven track record in creating environmentally benign, non-toxic corrosion inhibitors to combat metal corrosion across diverse corrosive environments.
  • Expertise in computational techniques for analyzing corrosion, including ab initio Density Functional Theory (DFT), Density Functional based Tight Binding (DFTB), and Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations, among others.
  • Proficiency in using both commercial and open-source computational modeling platforms such as Materials Studio, QUANTUM ESPRESSO, CASTEP, DFTB+, and proficiency in Linux and Unix-like operating systems, along with experience in utilizing Slurm Workload Manager for supercomputing tasks.
  • Building and maintaining national, African, and international networks in the realms of materials and corrosion science.
  • Actively participating in departmental and university meetings, engaging in various committees, and contributing to recruitment initiatives.
  • Facilitating effective communication within the department through regular faculty and staff meetings, and/or electronic communications.
  • Contributing to the creation and refinement of undergraduate and master's level courses and modules, as well as leading the establishment of a cutting-edge research laboratory.
  • Mentoring graduate students and interns and playing a pivotal role in developing premier research-driven educational and research programs at UM6P.

Required Qualifications

  • Ph.D. in applied chemistry, with profound expertise and substantial experience in the realms of electrochemistry, corrosion, corrosion control, and computational modeling.
  • Demonstrated in-depth knowledge in the areas of corrosion monitoring, environmentally benign corrosion inhibitors, infrastructure longevity, and methodologies for corrosion characterization, as substantiated by exceptional research accomplishments.
  • Proficient understanding of computational modeling to deeply analyze corrosion and its prevention, as evidenced by a robust portfolio of significant publications.
  • Comprehensive awareness of corrosion challenges in infrastructure, specifically issues related to carbonation and chlorides.
  • A distinguished track record of research excellence, evidenced by an impressive history of contributions to esteemed journals.
  • Quality and impact of scientific contributions, as reflected by outstanding academic metrics 
  • A minimum of 5 years of international professional exposure, as demonstrated through postdoctoral roles, research and faculty positions at renowned institutions.
  • Proven record of collaboration with colleagues at both national and international levels and a demonstrated ability to engage cooperatively with researchers from various cultural backgrounds.
  • Experience in funded joint research projects and grant applications with international research groups.
  • Experience in mentoring and overseeing graduate students, Ph.D. candidates, and/or postdoctoral researchers.
  • Dedication and capability to deliver high-caliber, research-oriented instruction at university level, coupled with the ability to create new academic courses and integrate research insights into educational content.
  • Proficiency in both English and French, encompassing fluency in speaking and writing.

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