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Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Vietnam (VN)
Compensation is competitive.
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16 Mar 2024

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Job Details

Fulbright University Vietnam seeks exceptional candidates to serve as our next Dean of Undergraduate Studies. This is a unique opportunity to play a leadership role in building a new Vietnamese university that is poised to influence and inspire the continued development of Vietnamese higher education. More broadly, through his/her contribution to the growth and maturation of Fulbright’s undergraduate academic program, the next Dean will have a rare opportunity to help redefine how liberal arts and sciences universities contribute to the social and economic transformation of developing and middle-income nations in the context of the emerging opportunities and grand challenges of the 21st century.

About the University

Fulbright University Vietnam is Vietnam’s first nonprofit, liberal arts university. Our mission is to inspire new generations of diverse thinkers and leaders to serve Vietnamese society and contribute to a better world. Founded on the promise of Vietnamese-American partnership, we practice and teach innovation in pursuit of bold, ethical answers to challenges around the globe. We aspire to be an apex university that educates, innovates, and solves problems across a wide spectrum of fields and disciplines.

Fulbright’s flagship academic programs include The Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management (FSPPM) an accredited graduate professional school incubated by the Harvard Kennedy School until the university’s founding in 2016; and Vietnam’s first undergraduate program in engineering and the liberal arts and sciences.

Fulbright is growing rapidly; in September 2024, we anticipate a total student enrollment nearing 1,000 students, including approximately 800 undergraduates, a number that is expected to approximately double within six years. More information about Fulbright may be found at

Snapshot of the Undergraduate Program

Fulbright’s flagship academic programs are on steep upward trajectories in scope and size.  All undergraduates begin with a rigorous Core Curriculum which provides broad foundational exposure to multiple disciplines, and essential training in critical reading, academic writing, statistical literacy, and algorithmic thinking. As at other liberal arts institutions, students choose their majors at the end of the second year of study.  Fulbright offers 11 majors in Humanities, Social Sciences, and Sciences, representing traditional fields such as Literature and Economics, but also innovative interdisciplinary majors such as Vietnam Studies and Integrated Sciences. 

The undergraduate program in the liberal arts and sciences, which graduated its first class in June 2023, has grown rapidly in terms of both student enrollment and faculty recruitment. From a curricular perspective, the undergraduate program’s development remains uneven, with certain fields such as engineering, computer science,  the arts and medias studies and the visual and performing arts in an earlier stage of evolution than others. Fulbright’s undergraduate faculty and academic leadership are consumed by the enormous challenge of “building the airplane while flying it”—designing, delivering and improving the curriculum while ensuring that the growing student body enjoys a transformational educational experience. In the next development phase, the need to recruit, manage, and develop a rapidly growing undergraduate faculty poses another challenge. The undergraduate program’s continued development will be guided by the twin objective of providing a high-quality liberal arts education to Vietnamese students that can be scaled to accommodate a student enrollment target of ~2,300 by 2028.

Fulbright is pursuing institutional accreditation from the New England Council on Higher Education (NECHE). In January 2023 NECHE granted Fulbright eligibility to seek accreditation. This is an important step in the accreditation process, after which we will seek “candidacy,” followed by formal accreditation. This process is likely to take 2-4 years.

About the Opportunity

A. Significance

The Dean of Undergraduate Studies at Fulbright is a mission-critical role. The individual hired to fill this position will be one of the chief architects of the next phase of Fulbright’s development. The significance of the undergraduate program – for which a name change to “College” is under consideration – to the broader university is huge; it is a foundational initiative within the university and the field on which the success of the university in embedding itself deeply in Vietnamese society, and in earning the trust and confidence of our stakeholders, will be measured. Indeed, Fulbright’s undergraduate program is an important bellwether within debates on the future of international liberal arts education.

B. Primary Responsibilities

As the leader of Fulbright University Vietnam’s undergraduate program in engineering and the liberal arts and sciences, the Dean of Undergraduate Studies (hereinafter “the Dean”), is responsible for the program’s academic, personnel, financial, and administrative affairs. 

The Dean reports to the Provost and, together with the Provost, the FSPPM Dean, and the Vice President for Student Affairs comprises the university’s senior academic leadership. The Dean represents the undergraduate program on the university’s Executive Committee.

Working collaboratively with the undergraduate faculty, the Dean oversees the continued development of the undergraduate program. The Dean is responsible for ensuring that the undergraduate program reflects the guiding principles and design requirements adopted by Fulbright’s Board of Trustees in 2019.  The Dean oversees all aspects of the undergraduate student experience including recruiting and admissions, academic progress, co-curricular activities, and career development.

Reporting to the Dean are:

•          Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

•          Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs

•          Several members of the academic affairs team


The Dean’s primary responsibilities include:

Program Design and Development: The Dean leads the continued development of all aspects of the undergraduate program including the core curriculum, majors, electives, capstones, and co-curricular activities. The Dean is responsible for ensuring that every aspect of the undergraduate program achieves a level of academic rigor and excellence commensurate with the university’s goal of becoming a leading higher education institution in Vietnam and the region. The Dean will work with his/her colleagues on the academic leadership, especially the Dean of FSPPM, to identify opportunities to leverage academic resources across the university to strengthen the undergraduate program, such as through the potential development of new undergraduate programs in public policy and business. The Dean works closely with the President and the Provost to advance the university’s pursuit of accreditation from the New England Commission on Higher Education (NECHE), as well as other regulations under Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training.

Faculty Building: The Dean serves as the leader of Fulbright’s undergraduate faculty. In this role the Dean is responsible for recruiting and retaining outstanding undergraduate faculty and for supporting the continued professional development of faculty. The Dean will work closely with the Provost and Human Resources to develop, improve, and implement policies and practices for faculty evaluation, retention, and promotion. The Dean will take the lead in pioneering creative solutions to the ongoing challenge of attracting gifted teacher-scholars across the full range of fields and disciplines taught by the undergraduate program especially in those areas where faculty talent is scarce such as the natural and applied sciences, and engineering.

AI/Computer Science/Engineering: Fulbright believes that an important way in which its mission of service to Vietnamese society will be fulfilled is through the development of innovative programs in artificial intelligence, computer science, and engineering. However, these areas present special challenges, including the difficulty of hiring faculty, recruiting students, and designing curricula appropriate for a rapidly changing technological landscape. The Dean will work closely with the university leadership and external advisors to design and execute a strategy for the development of programs in these areas.

Student Affairs: Consistent with the Dean’s oversight of all aspects of the undergraduate program, the Dean works closely with the teams whose work affects the undergraduate student experience including Student Life, Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid, Facilities, Career Services, and the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation to ensure that undergraduate students receive a tailored and transformational education.

Integrating and overseeing student international experience: The Dean will be responsible for student international exchange and experiences as part of their undergraduate education.  The Dean will work closely with the Office of the Provost to ensure that partnerships developed with international institutions will enhance student opportunities during their undergraduate education and beyond in continuing degree programs. Fulbright is currently developing a strong portfolio of academic partnerships and hopes to ensure that eventually every student will participate in an international experience.  The Dean will also oversee the development and implementation of Fulbright’s first international summer institute to host students from overseas in Ho Chi Minh City.     

Budgeting and Resource Planning: The Dean works with the university’s financial executives to develop the undergraduate program’s annual budget and allocate funding across multiple competing priorities.

Outreach: The Dean serves as an articulate and impassioned spokesperson for Fulbright’s undergraduate program, and for the liberal arts tradition more broadly, to a wide range of internal and external stakeholders including current and prospective student and their families, employers, and potential benefactors.

Desired Qualifications and Attributes

The ideal candidate will possess many of the following professional qualifications and personal characteristics:

A track-record of academic achievement in a field relevant to the undergraduate program (STEM background is a plus).

A commitment to Fulbright University Vietnam’s vision, values, and aspirations.

A sophisticated understanding of the American liberal arts tradition as well as the requirements under Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training.

Experience building new academic programs and a flair for inspirational leadership, innovative thinking and creative problem solving that program building requires.

Outstanding communications and interpersonal skills and a proven track record of collaborative leadership.

Unimpeachable personal and academic integrity, humility, and a sense of humor.

This position requires fulltime residency in Ho Chi Minh City with regular travel within Vietnam and abroad.

What Fulbright Offers

Opportunity to join a passionate team who shares the belief in the transformative power of education and values the unique opportunity to create a new university.

Opportunity to participate in public talks, workshops, seminars, as well as other enriching activities at Fulbright.

A dynamic, innovative, and professional work environment.

Internationally competitive salary insurance schemes for employees and direct family members.

How to Apply

All applications should include an up-to-date CV and Cover Letter.

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

Fulbright is an Equal Opportunity Employer and committed to foster a campus community that recognizes the value of all persons regardless of age, disability, ethnicity, gender expression and identity, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or socio-economic background. Please visit this page for our statement on Diversity:


Fulbright University Vietnam is a young Vietnamese university established in 2016 on the promise of Vietnamese-American partnership, serving Vietnam and the world through teaching, research, and engagement with society. Fulbright aspires to become an apex university that educates, innovates, and solves problems. We are committed to innovation over replication, a foundational principle that begins with our identity as a university rooted in and dedicated to contributing to Vietnamese society. Fulbright University Vietnam is a young Vietnamese university established in 2016 on the promise of Vietnamese-American partnership, serving Vietnam and the world through teaching, research, and engagement with society. Fulbright aspires to become an apex university that educates, innovates, and solves problems. We are committed to innovation over replication, a foundational principle that begins with our identity as a university rooted in and dedicated to contributing to Vietnamese society.

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