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Head of Corporate Communications Office

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Closing date
29 Feb 2024


Reports to: Vice Chancellor
Department: Corporate Communications Office
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE


To lead the Corporate Communications Office in promoting the brand of Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi (SUAD) through the conduct of internal and external marketing events and Communications strategies and campaigns, ensuring a clear and seamless flow of key messages to all stakeholders. Also responsible for the design, delivery and impact assessment of press, public affairs and marketing strategies across all media platforms in order to support the achievement of SUAD’s strategic objectives.


Number of Staff Supervised:

Direct Reports: TBD
Total: TBD

Key Priority / Key Activities

  • Strategy
    • Develop the Corporate Communications Office’s strategy in line with the University’s strategic plan to ensure vertical alignment and horizontal integration with other interfacing divisional/ departmental strategies
    • Ensure that all branding, Communications, and marketing initiatives, such as advertising campaigns; exhibitions and networking events are executed in line with the University’s strategy and values
  • Leadership
    • Provide leadership to the Corporate Communications Office by setting and directing on the vision and mission of the department, to ensure that all direct reports are aware of what they are required to achieve and how they are performing against their objectives
    • Manage the day-to-day operations of the department providing guidance, encouraging teamwork and facilitating related professional work processes in order to achieve high performance standards
  • People Development
    • Develop direct reports through setting individual development objectives, reviewing performance and providing ongoing formal and informal feedback and appraisal in order to maximize subordinate and departmental performance
  • Brand Image
    • Manage the positioning of SUAD’s brand image properly in the market in order to generate awareness, understanding and interest in SUAD as a leading education and research hub
    • Liaise with other departments to ensure compliance of projects which use the SUAD brand
    • Ensure SUAD ‘core’ messages are communicated consistently internally and externally
    • Protect the brand Image of SUAD through the development of a crisis Communications strategy and plan to prevent any negative publicity
  • Internal Communications 
    • Supervise the implementation of internal Communications strategies to facilitate employer- employee Communications and to promote SUAD wide initiatives, achievements and key messages, including but not limited to: Communications forums; print and electronic media (e.g. SUAD newsletter); common information platforms and management Communications mechanisms
    • Ensure up-to-date (internal and external) messages are uploaded onto the SUAD website, such as news, announcements etc., to ensure Communications is circulated as soon as possible
  • External Communications and Public Relations
    • Ensure the promotion of SUAD through Communications appropriately written for the target audience with the aim of promoting the achievements of SUAD and positioning the University as an institution with value to the community
    • Act as the main point of contact and manage all media engagements across all modes of Communications to ensure appropriate representation of SUAD in the media and establish strong and productive relationships with media representatives
    • Create the outlined scope of work for outsourcing creative work and supervise the development of Communications to ensure messages are delivered in line with the needs of the University
    • Conduct impact assessment in order to evaluate external Communications and address improvements/issues accordingly
  • Public Affairs
    • Support the Vice Chancellor in developing and maintaining relationships with the local and international communities to enhance SUAD’s visibility, services and activities
    • Supervise the design and implementation of targeted programs working with the community to address their concerns and needs
    • Manage the development and execution of endowment campaigns to raise funds for investment in intellectual capital, facilities, research etc. that are aligned to the University’s strategic plan
    • Ensure the development and implementation of campaigns and events that will enable cooperative relationships to be built between SUAD and the community and as a result establish scholarships
    • Support the Vice Chancellor to establish and maintain effective working relationships with local and international government officials to: a) enable the University to make an impact on Higher Education governance and policies, and b) demonstrate SUAD’s contribution towards the achievement of the Abu Dhabi Agenda 2030 and Higher Education Strategic Plan
  • Event Management
    • Screen local and international exhibitions, conferences, forums and events to create and implement the SUAD event calendar, ensuring appropriate alignment with SUAD’s profile and strategy
    • Manage the coordination of events, such as conferences, exhibitions and forums that the University is sponsoring or exhibiting at, raising awareness of SUAD programs and activities in order to attract students and strategic partnerships
    • Supervise arrangements for VIP visitors, company events, and individual and group tours of SUAD, ensuring such arrangements are efficiently and effectively handled and that the University is appropriately represented to such groups and individuals
  • Marketing Materials 
    • Ensure the development of all promotional material, such as academic program brochures; exhibition stands; gift items etc. that reflect the University's image, attract the targeted audience and provide a fitting momentum of the event or situation
  • Advice
    • Advise faculty, research centre and the University on Communications and marketing strategies they should undertake to raise awareness thereof
  • Continuous Improvement
    • Ensure regular review of all Communications & Public Relations campaign results and measure the success thereof in order to plan and implement further improvements to the initiatives to achieve optimal results
  • Budget
    • Contribute to the preparation of SUAD’s budget to ensure consideration of Corporate Communications Office operational expense in the overall budgeting
    • Monitor the department’s financial performance versus the set budget so that areas of unsatisfactory performance are identified and rectified promptly and potential performance improvement opportunities are capitalized upon
  • Policies and Procedures
    • Develop Corporate Communications Office policies covering all areas to ensure all relevant procedural/legislative requirements are fulfilled
    • Communicate the requirement of operational policies and procedures to direct reports and monitor their adherence so that work is carried out in a controlled manner
  • Reports
    • Ensure that all departmental reports are prepared timely and accurately to meet business requirements, policies and standards
  •     Related Assignments
    • Perform other related duties or assignments as directed by the Line Manager


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or Communications, or a related subject
  • Master’s degree is preferred

Minimum Experience:

  • 10 years Communications and Marketing experience with at least 5 years in a management role, preferably in the Higher Education sector

Job-Specific Skills:

  • Internal/mass Communications theory and practice
  • Electronic, web and social media Communications and marketing strategies
  • Understanding of the local and international media
  • Brand management
  • Relationship building skills
  • Understanding of community and international affairs
  • Knowledge of government relations, rules and regulations
  • Event management and strong leadership track record and advanced People Management skills
  • Exceptional organizational verbal and written Communications skills
  • Analytical and research skills
  • Demonstrated knowledge and proficiency with communications technologies
  • Languages: English and French are a must.  Arabic is preferable

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