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Research Assistant, Biological Sciences

Closing date
28 Dec 2023

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Job Description

The Tan lab is looking for a post-doctoral candidate who will work with Assistant Professor Tan Yong Zi on biochemistry and structural biology under a project entitled Understanding the Structure and Function of Mammalian Membrane Proteins Involved in Human Diseases.

While membrane proteins only make up around 20% of the proteome, they constitute around 60% of drug targets. However, high resolution structural information is severely lacking for them, with only about 2% of the structures deposited in the public protein database (PDB) being annotated as membrane proteins. The Tan lab ( strives to fill in this gap by targeting membrane proteins involved in human diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Our forte is using state-of-the-art single-particle cryogenic electron microscopy (cryo-EM) to obtain high-resolution atomic structures of these membrane proteins. We also actively work on methods development in cryo-EM that will help us answer our biological questions.

The Tan lab is generously funded by NRF Fellowship, MOE and NUS Presidential Young Professorship under the Department of Biological Sciences, NUS. We are a core member of the Centre for BioImaging Sciences' (CBIS), and have access to high-end cryo-EM microscopes, including a Titan Krios with K3 direct detector and energy filter.

Main Responsibilities

  • Anchor cell culture work – including HEK293F and Sf9 cell work, as well as adherent cancer cell lines



  • Bachelor Degree in Science
  • Experience with cell culture work required
  • No structural biology experience required
  • Candidates must uphold values of scientific integrity, honesty, teamwork and pride in their work

More Information

Location: Kent Ridge Campus
Organization: Science
Department : Biological Sciences
Employee Referral Eligible: No
Job requisition ID : 21752

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