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Chief Research Scientist

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Closing date
13 Dec 2023

Position Overview

Khalifa University (KU) is currently seeking a highly motivated Research Scientist to join our dynamic team. The successful candidate will primarily focus on advancing the field of wireless communication through cutting-edge machine learning techniques. This role involves developing and optimizing machine learning algorithms for wireless networks, with a particular emphasis on enhancing spectrum efficiency and resource allocation.

We are seeking an individual with a strong background in machine learning and wireless communications. The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of signal processing, channel modeling, and network optimization. Additionally, the candidate will explore the integration of machine learning into emerging technologies such as 5G and beyond.

Position Requirements

  1. Spearheading cutting-edge research initiatives in AI for wireless networks, including but not limited to 5G, 6G, and beyond.
  2. Leading and supervising a team of researchers, postdocs, and graduate students to ensure high-quality research output and fostering a collaborative research environment.
  3. Developing and securing research grants, funding, and partnerships to support the center’s research objectives in AI for wireless.
  4. Publishing impactful research papers in renowned journals and conferences, contributing to the global discourse on AI-driven wireless communication.
  5. Mentoring junior researchers and students, guiding their research projects, and fostering their growth as future leaders in the field.
  6. Collaborating with industry partners and government agencies to translate research findings into real-world applications and solutions.
  7. Maintaining a strong commitment to ethical research practices and integrity in all research activities.
  8. Participating actively in academic and research committees, contributing to the university's research strategy, and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration.
  9. Staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in AI, machine learning, and wireless communication technologies to drive innovation.
  10. Representing the university at conferences, seminars, and workshops, establishing the university as a hub for AI-driven wireless communication research.


Candidate Profile

Essential Criteria

  • Key qualifications include a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, computer science, or a related field, along with a proven track record of research in machine learning for wireless communications. The candidate should also possess excellent programming skills, preferably in Python and TensorFlow/PyTorch

Desired Criteria

  • Extensive industrial and academic experience

Should you require further assistance or if you face any issue with the online application, please feel to contact the Recruitment Team (

Primary Location: Abu Dhabi UAE
Job: Chief Research Scientist
Schedule: Regular
Shift: Standard
Job Type: Full-time

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