Tenure Track Faculty Positions in the School of Journalism and Communication

I. About the School

The School of Journalism and Communication, Nanjing University grew out of the Film and Broadcasting Specialty Program of Jinling University (a predecessor of Nanjing University) in 1936. This was the first institution of film and broadcasting education in China and the first institution of higher education in audiovisual communication in China.

The school has a first-level discipline of master’s and doctoral programs in journalism and communication. It has three academic departments: (1) Radio, Film and Television; (2) Applied Communication; (3) Journalism and New Media. It also has various research centers and institutes, including the Center for Internet Communication; Institute of Communication and Society; Institute of Journalism and Politics; Institute of Media Economics and Management; Computational Communication Collaboratory; Journalism Innovation Laboratory; Sino-German Digital Marketing Laboratory; X-space Creative Marketing Workshop; AIS Institute (AI for Society) of Nanjing University.

In 2013, the Cooperative Agreement on Building the School of Journalism and Communication was signed between the Publicity Department of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Nanjing University. According to the Ministry of Education, NJU’s discipline of journalism and communication ranked high in the fifth round of discipline evaluation. It was selected into the key first-level disciplines of Jiangsu Province in the 13th Five-Year Plan and into the third batch of superior disciplines in Jiangsu Province. Research areas in communication theories, communication history and media history, new media communication, and mediated society have been at the domestic leading level.

II. Positions

The School of Journalism and Communication invites applications to fill 3 open tenure-track positions (including tenure-track assistant professor and tenure-track associate professor) in the disciplines of journalism and communication. The candidates are expected to teach and research in the following areas:

  1. Marxism journalism
  2. Theories of journalism
  3. Health communication
  4. Computational communication
  5. Political communication
  6. Media and sociology

III. Qualifications

  1. Abide by the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, and have a passion for teaching and research;
  2. Abide by the ethics of teachers, uphold academic integrity, be willing to work diligently, and have no criminal record or record in breaching the ethics of teachers and/or academic integrity;
  3. Have a first-rate background in academic training—specifically, a PhD in relevant disciplines, experience in studying and/or working at first-rate teaching and research institutions, and knowledge of the latest international trends and development in the relevant research field(s);
  4. Have outstanding teaching abilities—the applicant should be able to teach core and frontline courses in the corresponding discipline, and have sound teaching methodology and strong verbal skills;
  5. Demonstrate outstanding research output and potential—the applicant should have publications in his/her field of research, original ideas about relevant fields of research, a clear vision about future research plans, and good potential for further academic development.

IV. Application Materials Required

  1. A letter of application (please specify the field of research and position applied for);
  2. A detailed CV (please include a list of publications);
  3. An introduction of your research results and their innovative significance;
  4. A plan for research and its prospects;
  5. Three reference letters;
  6. An account of experience in teaching.

Please login to the talent recruitment platform of Nanjing University ( to submit the application materials required.

V. Compensation Package and Support

A successful applicant will be provided with:

  1. An annual salary (to be worked out individually)
  2. A start-up fund for research
  3. Qualification to supervise graduate students
  4. The university provides short-term lodging and housing subsidies. Applicants recruited can purchase commercial housing offered by the university at a special discount
  5. The university provides assistance with children’s schooling at primary and secondary school levels

VI. Application Deadline

Application deadline: October 5, 2023

The application period will be extended appropriately if the number of the applicants for single position is relatively small.

VII. Contact Details

 Tel.: 025-89686260(Ms. Huang)



Please login into the talent recruitment platform of Nanjing University ( to submit the application materials required.