Tenure-Track Positions in Physical Geography, Human Geography, GIS and Marine Science

Multiple tenure-track positions in Physical Geography, Human Geography, GIS and Marine Science at the School of Geography and Ocean Science

I. About the School

The School of Geography and Ocean Science (SGOS) at Nanjing University is internationally renowned and one of the leading departments in both fields within China, situated in one of China’s elite universities.

SGOS is known as " the cradle of geography" in China, thanks to its rich history and significant contributions to the establishment of the field within the country. SGOS is originally founded as the department of Geoscience in 1921 by Professor Zhu Kezhen. The department has been home to many renowned geographers and scholars, such as Zhu Kezhen, Hu Huanyong, Zhang Qiyun, Huang Guozhang, Li Xudan, Ren Mei’e, Wang Ying, Gu Chaolin, and many more. SGOS benefits from strong support by the national "Double First-Class" initiative, 2011 Plan, Project 985, Project 211, the National Key Discipline Program, and the Superior Discipline Project in Jiangsu Province. It is also a member of the Subject Appraisal Group of the Chinese Council, Deputy Director of the Steering Committee for Teaching Geography of the Ministry of Education of China, and the Chinese Geographical Society of China.

SGOS’s research activities center on Earth System Science and the Human-Land interactions, driven by fundamental theories of geography and national strategic plans. SGOS specifically focuses on the disciplines such as Earth system science, processes of geographical elements, global change, geomorphology, carbon cycle and carbon neutrality, land-sea zone interactions, land resources protection and utilization, maritime rights and security of the seas, national land planning and urban and rural integration development, tourism geography and national park management, remote sensing science and technology, new technology and application of geographic information etc. Many of these disciplines have made innovative and distinct accomplishments in recent years.

There are 75 full-time faculty in SGOS (33 full professors and 37 associate professors), including 2 academicians of CAS/CAE, 18 national-level talents, 1 national teaching master, 6 principal investigators of National Key R&D Program of China and Program 973. SGOS is home to a collection of high-level teaching and research platforms, including The Collaborative Innovation Center of South China Sea Studies, National 111 Talent Recruitment Base, Frontiers Science Center for Critical Earth Material Cycling, National Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center for Science of Earth System, Key Laboratory of Coast & Island Development the Ministry of Education, Field Observation and Research Station of Ecosystem of Huangshan National Park, Key Laboratory of Land Satellite Remote Sensing Application Center, MNR, Key Laboratory of Carbon Neutrality and Territorial Space Optimization, Key Laboratory of Geographic Information Technology of Jiangsu Province and so on. The school has several excellent research groups such as the Innovative Research Group of National Natural Science Foundation of China on the Landform process and the environment evolution, National Science and Technology Innovation Team in Key Fields on the past climate change, Innovation Team of the Ministry of Education, Huang Danian teachers' team of the Ministry of Education, Excellent Scientific and Technological Innovation Team of Jiangsu Universities, amongst others.

II. Description of Openings

SGOS welcomes young talents from around the globe to join us in teaching and research in the fields of geography and marine science at Nanjing University. We currently have six faculty positions in four fields: physical geography, human geography, geographic information science and marine science. These positions include tenure-track assistant professors and tenure-track associate professors. Full details are provided below:

(1) Human geography

Including urban geography, urban health and urban and rural planning, natural resource utilization and sustainable development, African geography, and geopolitics, etc. Successful applicants will be involved in teaching and research activities related to urban science, urban and rural planning and design, healthy cities and human settlements, urban data science, among others. A strong educational and research background in multidisciplinary fields such as geography, urban and rural planning, geographic information science is essential for this position

(2) Marine geoscience

Including coastal ocean dynamic process, coastal ocean material circulation process, multi-layered interaction and coastal ocean evolution. Successful applicants will be engaged in teaching and research activities related to coastal ocean multi-scale material transport processes, coastal ocean key material cycles and ecological environmental effects under the influence of climate change and human activities, and coastal ocean system evolution under the multi-layered coupling. A strong educational and research background in geography, physical oceanography, shallow sea dynamics, Earth system science is essential for this position.

(3) Physical geography

Including environmental DNA, microbial ecology, soil ecology, tree rings, hydrology/hydroclimatology, and more. Successful applicants will be engaged in teaching and research activities on environmental DNA, biological big data and other technologies to explore microbial communities and their relationship with the environment, temporal and spatial distribution pattern of microbial diversity, tree rings, terrestrial hydrological processes, climate change and its impacts, eco-hydrological processes and simulation. Interdisciplinary background in geography, microbiology, ecology and bioinformatics statistics, hydrology, atmospheric science, data science is essential for this position.

(4) Geographic information science

Including digital land spatial planning, geographic big data and spatial intelligence, homeland security remote sensing, among others. Successful applicants will be engaged in the teaching and research activities on digital territorial spatial planning and management information system research and development, geographic big data aggregation and integration, mining and geospatial information intelligent processing and analysis, mining and geographic visual analysis theory and methods. A strong educational and research background in geography, geographic information science, territorial spatial planning, remote sensing science and technology, computer and artificial intelligence is essential for this position.

III. Conditions for Application

  1. Applicants are required to comply with the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China and demonstrate enthusiasm for teaching and scientific research at Nanjing University;
  2. Applicants should possess good morals and academic ethics, be diligent, and have no criminal record or history of violating teachers' morals or academic ethics;
  3. Applicants must have an excellent academic background, including a doctoral degree in a related field, as well as work experience in a leading international teaching and research institution. They should be familiar with the latest research developments in their respective fields;
  4. Applicants should possess excellent teaching skills, including the ability to teach introductory courses for non-majors and advanced courses for majors. They should demonstrate effective teaching methods and strong communication skills;
  5. Applicants should have a record of outstanding research achievements and demonstrate potential for further advancement. They should have made significant contributions in scientific research, showcase original thinking, have a clear vision for future research plans, and demonstrate strong potential for academic development.
  6. Applicants should be in good health and possess the necessary competence to fulfill the duties and responsibilities associated with the position.

IV. Supporting Materials for Application

  1. Personal resume (including the catalogue of published academic achievements and supporting materials of main achievements);
  2. Statement of representative achievements in research;
  3. Research statement of present and planned research;
  4. Three letters of recommendation;
  5. Evidence of teaching experience.

You should fill in the application form via the link (, and then apply for your target position on the recruitment platform of Nanjing University ( The above application materials should be uploaded and submitted on this platform.

V. Compensation Package and Support

A successful applicant will be provided with:

  1. An annual salary (to be worked out individually);
  2. A start-up fund for research;
  3. Qualification to supervise graduate students;
  4. The university provides short-term lodging and housing subsidies. Applicants recruited can purchase commercial housing offered by the university at a special discount;
  5. The university provides assistance with children’s schooling at primary and secondary school levels.

VI. Application Deadline

Application deadline: October 10, 2023 

The application period will be extended appropriately if the number of the applicants for single position is relatively small.

VII. Contact Details

Tel.: 025-89682686 (Ms. Y. Zhou)



Please login to the talent recruitment platform of Nanjing University ( to submit the application materials required.