University Lecturer in University Pedagogy, specialising in Sustainability Pedagogy

Helsinki, Finland
26 May 2023
End of advertisement period
15 Jun 2023
Academic Discipline
Social Sciences, Education, Psychology
Contract Type
Fixed Term
Full Time

The University of Helsinki is Finland's largest university, and it seeks solutions to global challenges and creates new ways of thinking for the benefit of humanity. We are one of the best multidisciplinary universities in the world, and our community of more than 8,000 employees offers extensive career development opportunities for those working in teaching, research, as well as service and expert positions.

The University of Helsinki Centre for University Teaching and Learning (HYPE) is a research and development unit serving the entire University of Helsinki, located at the Faculty of Educational Sciences. The Centre's task is to conduct university pedagogical research at the University of Helsinki in all faculties and disciplines, as well as the organisation of research-based university pedagogical education, pedagogical expert services, teaching development and quality assurance. The Centre for University Teaching and Learning supports the implementation of the University of Helsinki Strategy 2021–2030  in a variety of ways,  

The Centre for University Teaching and Learning HYPE invites applications for a permanent position of UNIVERSITY LECTURER IN UNIVERSITY PEDAGOGY, SPECIALISING IN SUSTAINABILITY PEDAGOGY AT THE UNIVERSITY starting 1 October 2023.

The duties of a university lecturer include research in university pedagogy, especially sustainability pedagogy, and supporting and implementing the management of the strategic and systemic development of research-based sustainability education throughout the University of Helsinki and in all 11 faculties. The duties of a university lecturer include university pedagogical staff training and thesis supervision. The university lecturer is responsible for the development and organisation of university pedagogical education offered to the staff of the University of Helsinki at the Centre for University Teaching and Learning, especially in the field of sustainability pedagogy.

The university lecturer works in close cooperation with the key actors responsible for sustainability issues in the management of the University of Helsinki and the Institute of Sustainability Science HELSUS.  In addition, the university lecturer is responsible for administrative tasks related to teaching. In accordance with their research interests, the university lecturer participates in the research activities of the Centre for University Teaching and Learning and the faculties and is active in international and Finnish expert communities in the field.


According to the regulations of the University of Helsinki, applicants are required to have an applicable doctoral degree and the ability to provide high-quality research-based teaching. The person selected for the position must have evidence of multidisciplinary research focusing on sustainability and sustainability pedagogy. They must have strong and diverse concrete evidence of successful research-based and strategic systemic and innovative development of sustainability education together with various actors and networks of a university. Teacher's pedagogical studies (60 ECTS), university pedagogical studies and pedagogical merits in university teaching are considered an advantage. The person selected for the position must be able to commit to the communal, constructive, and long-term development of the field of the position and the operations of the Centre for University Teaching and Learning.

According to the Decree on Universities, university lecturers must master Finnish. In addition, a university lecturer must have at least satisfactory oral and written skills in Swedish. Applicants who are foreign citizens, non-native Finnish citizens or citizens who have not been educated in Finnish or Swedish may be exempted from the Finnish and Swedish language requirement of the Government Decree on Universities without a separate application. To successfully attend to the duties of the position, the appointee must also have good English skills.

When assessing the applicant's merits, account shall be taken of:  

  • versatile strategic development skills in sustainability pedagogy at the university
  • teaching and supervision experience and other teaching merits
  • pedagogical training
  • development of teaching, in particular, sustainability education at the university
  • production of teaching materials, especially those related to sustainability and sustainability pedagogy
  • scientific publications in the field of the position
  • experience in research
  • other scientific activities
  • development plan for research-based sustainability pedagogy at the university
  • interview
  • teaching demonstration


The salary of the position is based on requirement levels 5-7 of the salary system for teaching and research staff at the universities. In addition, a salary component based on personal performance is paid. The salary is approximately 3300-5000 euros per month, depending on the selected person´s experience and merits. The position has a probationary period of 6 months.

Success at work is supported by both faculty colleagues and campus administration and technical staff. We take care of the well-being of our employees and the smooth running of everyday life, for example, through flexible work arrangements, comprehensive occupational health care and affordable and versatile Unisport sports services. We support competence development in various ways, including diverse staff training opportunities.


The application is submitted to the university's recruitment system via the link Apply now. Applicants who are employees of the University of Helsinki apply for the position through SAP Fiori  

Consolidate the following documents into a single PDF:

University portfolio / CV Read more: A full, numbered list of publications as instructed by the Academy of Finland: The list of publications shall comply with the publication type classifications of the Ministry of Education and Culture:;registryCode=research;schemeCode=Julkaisutyyppiluokitus Development plan for research-based sustainability pedagogy at the university (maximum 2 pages) Report on scientific activities (1-3 pages, including activities in scientific communities, international scientific work and applying for research funding and one's own role in it)

Name the PDF file in the format last name sustainability lecturer hype and attach the attachment to the correct application process in the recruitment system so that your application is registered.  Other attachments, such as letters of recommendation or certificates, are not required.

In addition, we ask you to fill out a separate form on your teaching merits. The form is completed at

Please also note that the application requirements must be met by the end of the application period.

The University of Helsinki is committed to promoting equality and non-discrimination and preventing discrimination in all its activities. We welcome applicants from different backgrounds.

The application period ends 15 June 2023.


For more information on the position, please contact Professor Auli Toom, Director of the Centre for University Teaching and Learning, tel. 0504154852, auli.toom(at)

For more information on the recruitment process, please contact HR Specialist Jonna Lehtelä (jonna.lehtela(at)

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