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About Alliance University:

India assumed the G20 Presidency from Indonesia and will host the G20 Leaders' Summit for the first time in 2023. The theme for India's G20 Presidency, "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" or "One Earth • One Family • One Future," is taken from the ancient Sanskrit text of the Maha Upanishad. This theme emphasizes the interconnectedness and value of all forms of life on Earth, including humans, animals, plants, and microorganisms. As a demonstration of its commitment to this theme, Alliance University in Bengaluru is now inviting applications for its flagship postgraduate diploma program, Global Leaders' Alliance (GLA), from citizens around the world, with a special focus on candidates from G20 nations.

As a top-ranked university in India, Alliance University is committed to addressing the complex challenges of the 21st century by fostering a community that leads the charge. The University envisions re-imagining the university's traditional idea by creating a convergence of business, engineering, law, and liberal arts programs, which is the core academic philosophy behind its trans disciplinarity approach. This approach encourages the free-flowing exchange of ideas between divergent streams of knowledge like public policy, data science, technology and law, physics, philosophy, or businesses and rhetoric, trans disciplinarity nurtures a dynamic foundation for the spirit of collaboration, inquiry, and enterprise.

Alliance University invites applications for its flagship postgraduate diploma program, Global Leaders' Alliance (GLA).

Global Leaders’ Alliance Fellowship

Alliance University, a premier private institution in India, is proud to offer a unique opportunity for ambitious young individuals to study in India and learn from distinguished faculty with backgrounds from Oxford and Ivy League universities. The Global Leaders' Alliance is a one-year postgraduate diploma program in Liberal Arts, designed to shape leaders in any aspect of public life. We encourage all students who have completed a bachelor's degree in any subject and have demonstrated academic excellence, extracurricular achievements, and leadership potential to apply.

Key features of the fellowship include:

  • Teaching by Oxford faculty
  • Interdisciplinary coursework
  • Cultural heritage tour
  • Internship opportunities
  • International study exchange programs
  • Assistance with applications to Ivy League universities
  • Modern and ancient languages courses
  • Participation in literary and film festivals
  • Opportunities to contribute to podcasts, conferences, and magazines.

Students who complete the programme will find many career opportunities in the fields of government, higher education, the private sector, policy, media, and much more. Please visit for more information.

The aim of this programme is to prepare fellows for the unique challenges posed by the 21st century, from environmental disasters to unprecedented invasions on privacy to extreme wealth inequality to novel challenges to democracy, and a post-factual political landscape.

The GLA is India’s first actual postgraduate fellowship that will be fully funded. The purpose of the programme is only to provide the best possible international education for the most promising minds in Asia and the world. Multidisciplinarity forms the structure and foundation of the program.

The fellowship would offer great exposure in the areas of:

  • Governance and Citizenship 
  • Critical Thinking and Argument 
  • Art and Communication 
  • Economics and Corporate Ethics 
  • Social Welfare and Environment 

With both a taught and work experience dimension, students will be ready to join the upper echelons of political, academic, media, policy, corporate, and most other fields.

Fees and Financing:

The fellowship includes full coverage of tuition fees. However, students will be responsible for their own travel, accommodation, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Profile and Eligibility:

  1. Applicants must have bachelor's degree in any subject from a recognised national / international university. 
  2. Excellent academic record (USA equivalent of 3.0 or above GPA). 
  3. Demonstrated excellence in extra-curricular activities. 
  4. Demonstrate leadership initiative. 
  5. Good verbal and written ability in English 
  6. Aged Below 35 
  7. From G20 Countries

*Applicants with a lower than stipulated GPA can make a case for their inclusion through their extra-curricular and leadership skills in their letters of motivation.


Complete and submit the online application

You may also send your updated CV and letter of motivation explaining why you want to pursue the GLA and your suitability for the fellowship to Quote AU/REC 2023/THEUNIJOBS/GLA as a reference in your email subject line.

Application deadline:March 31, 2023.

Keywords:Fellowship, Liberal Arts, Humanities, Arts, Sciences, Social Sciences, Scholarship