Research Assistant, 2D Material Based Bio-Applications

Job Description

The Office of Industry and Innovation at the Centre for Advanced 2D Materials has developed a multifunctional graphene bandage/dressing solution with desirable optical transparency and antibacterial efficiency. Such solution is the first bio-application of 2D graphene sheets targeting use in biomedical and clinic environments. Our graphene bandage solution improves patients' living qualities while reducing their economic burdens. Doctors and patients are able to visually observe wound status without frequent hospital visits. Also, our bandage antibacterial properties imparted a prolonged dressing time, thus reducing bandage/dressing changing frequency required for patients.

To facilitate the technology validation processes and accelerate the market potential exploration, our group is seeking a full-time research assistant. The successful candidate will:

  • have opportunities to learn the latest advancements of graphene and other 2D materials
  • have opportunities to hands-on machine-assisted transfer process and device engineering
  • have opportunities to engage and connect with globally leading brands
  • have opportunities to lead clinical patient trials and in-vivo animal tests
  • gain exposure to multiple stakeholders including NUHS and other industrial partners
  • have the opportunity to apply concurrently for the PhD programme in the same group


  • Master's degree or honours degree in Materials Science, Physics, Biomedical, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Electronic or Chemical Engineering, or related disciplines
  • Preferably some experience in scientific work (e.g., through final year projects or undergraduate project experiences)
  • Effective oral and written communication skills

Covid-19 Message

At NUS, the health and safety of our staff and students are one of our utmost priorities, and COVID-vaccination supports our commitment to ensure the safety of our community and to make NUS as safe and welcoming as possible. Many of our roles require a significant amount of physical interactions with students/staff/public members. Even for job roles that may be performed remotely, there will be instances where on-campus presence is required.

Taking into consideration the health and well-being of our staff and students and to better protect everyone in the campus, applicants are strongly encouraged to have themselves fully COVID-19 vaccinated to secure successful employment with NUS.

More Information

Location: Kent Ridge Campus
Organization: Centre for Advanced 2D Materials
Department: Office of Industry and Innovation
Job requisition ID: 8897

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