Professor/Assoc. Professor/Lecturer/Postdoc.of Science, Engineering, Medicine, Biology & Pharmacy

Tianjin University-National University of Singapore Joint Institute of Fuzhou

Located in Fuzhou, Tianjin University-National University of Singapore Joint Institute of Fuzhoucombines the teaching and research strengths of Tianjin University and National University of Singapore, focusing on the fields of flexible electronics and emerging optoelectronics, advanced chemical manufacturing, energy materials and catalysis to carry outstrategic and innovative scientific research. Candidates recruited will receive supportive policies and benefits from the local government and Joint Institute.

Academic Disciplines

Science, Engineering, Medicine, Biology and Pharmacy

Chemical Engineering and Technology, Instrument Science and Technology, Optical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Naval and Ocean Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Power Engineering and Engineering Thermo-physics, Mechanics, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Materials Science and Engineering, Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning, Landscape Architecture, Electrical Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology, Integrated Circuit Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Intelligence Manufacturing, Marine Science and Technology, Environmental Science and Engineering, Food Science and Engineering, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Cyberspace Security,Geography, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Environmental Health, Nutrition and food, Environmental Ecological Remote Sensing, Earth System Analysis.

Neural and Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence and Human-Machine Interaction, Preclinical Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine, Medical Imaging, Medical Engineering and Translational Medicine, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Epidemiology and Statistics, Disaster Medicine, Occupational Health, Computational Biology, Structural Biology, Chemical Biology, Synthetic Biology, Medical Biology, Biological Manufacturing, Biomicrofluidics, Biosensing, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Bioinformatics and Pharmacy Administration,Radiation Medicine.


Chair Professor, Outstanding Young Professor, Outstanding Young Associate Professor, Young Associate Professor, Associate Professor, Lecturer, Postdoctoral Fellow


Outstanding applicants, at home and abroad, shall exhibit good ideological and moral qualities with good personal characters, while holding a PhD degree from home and abroad by prestigious universities, and showing great academic potentials and brilliant achievements in related subject areas.

Job Responsibilities

1. Chair Professor

  • Accurately grasp the development direction of the discipline, put forward strategic, forward-looking and creative research ideas, and lead the discipline to catch up or maintain the internationally advanced level in the frontier fields of scientific research. To improve the overall quality of teachers and research standard, and actively cultivate and bring in excellent talents

2. Outstanding Young Professor

  • Holding a high level of teaching results, the appointeeshould exhibit much of his abilities and experiences aligned with the talent standards with regard to excellence, high quality and surpassing performance. On the other hand, the appointee should complete the teaching tasks stipulated by the school and the university, carry out in-depth teaching research and reform, and achieve outstanding teaching achievements.
  • With an independent research track conforming to the development of discipline, the appointee, as academic mentor, should be able to lead his discipline to serve the major needs of national economic and social development, and also to carry out internationally advanced academic research.
  • The appointee should have taken on a big role in aspects of discipline establishment, talent base establishment, recruitment and international exchanges and cooperation.

3. Outstanding Young Associate Professor

  • It is required that the appointee, in all matters related to the field of his discipline, should exhibit the top-notch innovative talent training experiences and achievement with regard to adherence to the teaching and lectures. The appointees should complete the teaching tasks stipulated by the school or university, carry out teaching research and teaching reform, and achieve good teaching results.
  • Taking years of high-performingscientific research in line with what the trend of the discipline requires, the appointee’s professional performance should be deemed prominent and also nationally and internationally acclaimed by peers.
  • The appointee should have taken on a big role in aspects of discipline establishment, talent base establishment, recruitment and international exchanges and cooperation.

4. Young Associate Professor

  • With his research track aligned to what the development of the subject requires, it is imperative that the appointee have some academic achievements in its research fields, showing considerable academic potential.
  • The appointee should actively engage in the tasks related to the discipline building-up, and also typicallyarrange his time to take part in the high-level international academic conferences and other forms of international academic exchange in this field. Moreover, he should also be able to actively take on the tech-savvy projects in relation with the national, provincial or municipal level.

5. Associate Professor/Lecturer

  • It is required that the appointee, in all matters related to the field of his discipline, should have the ability to independently undertake teaching work, as undergraduate or graduate teaching professionals who shall undertake teaching work, teaching basic courses or professional core courses. This position is only available in School of Marxism, Law School, School of Foreign Languages and Literature, School of Education, School of New Media and Communication, School of Medicine, School of Economics of Ma Yinchu, College of Management and Economics.

6. Postdoctoral Fellow

  • The appointee should be mainly engaged in the job scope of basic research, applied research, transformation of scientific and technological achievements and teaching assistance. One should also give support in talent team building, discipline construction and development of scientific research bases.

Work Support

The university, the state and Tianjin municipality jointly provide competitive salary and welfare benefits, generous research start-up funds and good working and living conditions. Those who need to settle down in Tianjin shall settle down in accordance with the policy requirements of Tianjin municipality. Chair Professors, Outstanding Young Professors, Outstanding Young Associate Professors are employed on the public institution system of contractual employment.Young Associate Professor, Associate Professors, Lecturers and Postdoctoral Fellows are signed labor contract.

Applying Procedures and Materials

Please apply through the following links:


  1. Curriculum Vitae;
  2. Teaching Experience, Core Courses to be Taught, and Future Teaching Plan;
  3. Three Representative Achievements (including but not limited to papers, works, patents, transformation, application, political advisor, etc.);
  4. Future Plan on Research;
  5. Three Letters of Recommendation.

You may kindly collate the total materials listed above into a single PDF document with the file name being " School/College + Discipline+ Name + Applied Position".

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