Research Fellow, Beyond CMOS Computing

20 May 2022
End of advertisement period
17 Jun 2022
Contract Type
Fixed Term
Full Time

Job Description

We are looking for passionate candidates who are prepared to conduct collaborative independent research in the area of Beyond CMOS computing.

The topics involved in our research projects cover:

  • Emerging device technologies (mem-ristive, spintronics, ferroelectrics, 2D materials, etc.)
  • Circuit applications for these devices (non-volatile circuit primitives, true random number generators, physically unclonable functions, etc.)
  • Unconventional computing paradigms (Ising model, analog & mixed-signal computing, neuromorphic computing, stochastic computing, etc.).
  • Candidates are expected to:
  • Conduct high-quality independent research that cuts across the levels of design abstraction in a vertical fashion using a devices/circuits/microarchitecture/architecture/algorithms co-design approach
  • Propose own ideas for research
  • Collaborate with experimentalists and exchange knowledge with our international collaborators
  • Mentor students (PhD, MSc, undergraduates) and lend their experience to nurture junior researchers as co-authors


  • PhD in Engineering (Electrical, Electronics, Computer, Materials Science) or Applied Sciences (Computer, Physics, Mathematics)
  • Possessing knowledge and experience in the research topics in the Beyond CMOS umbrella (new computing approaches and models using non-volatile and volatile electronic devices, memory-centric microarchitectures, devices-to-algorithms co-design, etc.)
  • Familiarity with simulation methodologies, approaches and tools in the listed research areas
  • Proven ability to adapt, learn and create software tools in different languages (MATLAB/COMSOL, Python, C/C++, CUDA/OpenCL/SyCL, SPICE/Verilog-AMS, Golang, etc.)
  • Able to plan and organize well and adhere to strict deadlines
  • Be able to communicate effectively with a broad audience in English
  • Doing independent research in a multidisciplinary team
  • Open to fixed-term contract

More Information

Location: Kent Ridge Campus
Organization: Engineering
Department : Electrical And Computer Engineering
Employee Referral Eligible: No
Job requisition ID : 7626

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