Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Advanced 2D Materials

24 Dec 2021
End of advertisement period
23 Jan 2022
Contract Type
Full Time

Job Role

The Centre for Advanced 2D Materials (CA2DM) is looking for a CTO (CA2DM Translational Officer) who will partner with and report to CA2DM Business Development Director, under the supervision of CA2DM Director.

The CTO will be responsible for day-to-day strategic support of CA2DM scientific, technical, and programmatic operations in the construction and infrastructure fields. Working closely with CA2DM PIs, project leads, staff and corporate partners to overcome the complexities of maturing technologies and applications, the CTO strives to help CA2DM stay at the forefront of innovation and spin-offing. This role encompasses the whole Centre's portfolio looking at infrastructure, making the CTO a "one-stop shop" for teams initiating accelerating their translational processes.

This is an opportunity for a senior technopreneur who wants a more exhilarating challenge than in more traditional R&D positions. The candidate is passionate about team environments, delivering outstanding outcomes for the Centre and opening doors to transformative initiatives. The position requires excellent interpersonal skills, a high level of organization, diplomacy, focus, ability to work under tight deadlines, and familiarity with institutional and research environments.

Job Description

  • Strategize with CA2DM Business Development Director and CA2DM Director on the Centre's translational efforts, in order to maintain the medium-term sustainability of the Centre's research, development and innovation (RDI) capabilities
  • Provide "on-the-fly" technical, IP and market expertise to assist in guiding and supporting scientific officers and staff assigned to CA2DM projects, seeking appropriate input and approvals from faculties, and in strategic alignment with CA2DM objectives
  • Write and manage a playbook of go-to-market practices from more than a decade of experience managing R&D and industrial development projects, as well as laboratory operations, and oversee the implementation of those practices within CA2DM 
  • Oversee and support a live portfolio of maturation projects, sharing ideas, existing protocols and know-how, helping monitor the progress of the applied research and operations and participating when relevant in the deliverables and IP strategies, in order to ensure that milestones are met and timelines stay on track. Bring a technology-focused, maturation perspective to developing CA2DM innovation agenda.
  • Maintain a hands-on operational mindset as well as a translational day-to-day involvement (science, IP strategy, operations, productization, go-to-market, etc)
  • Lead laboratory teams in implementing maturation best practices. Design, adapt and install processes for improving maturation predictability, quality and repeatability. Correlate these practices with the spin-offing roadmaps structured by CA2DM Business Development Director and oversee their impact and relevance.
  • Serve as liaison with NUS research offices, Office of Legal Affairs, Industry Liaison Office and external funding agencies on issues of intellectual property, project and research collaboration agreements, material transfer agreements, non-disclosure agreements, etc
  • Recommend and schedule training needed to prepare the CA2DM staff population to utilize new tools, systems and processes during the maturation phases
  • Enhance R&D organization's knowledge and expertise in scientific areas as well as areas of project and maturation program management
  • Partner with CA2DM Business Development Director in designing and refining technology-to-market strategies, including business-to-business marketing approaches, business development and application development templates, etc
  • Promote open innovation and creative thinking throughout the Centre
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned

Qualifications and Prerequisites

  • A PhD in geochemistry and geo-materials is mandatory
  • Should be well-versed with the formulations and chemistries used in the construction and cement industries, and demonstrates an extensive know-how on nanotechnologies, supply chain, as well as waste management optimization
  • At least 20 years track record as an industrial executive for construction, cement and real estate companies, and previous immersion experience in international research ecosystems of North America, Asia or Europe
  • More than 12 years of experience building research, industrial and translational projects in both Singaporean and international contexts. A previous experience as an entrepreneur would be considered as a plus.
  • Ability to resolve complex issues and to make technical, administrative and procedural decisions and judgments
  • Ability to support and lead effectively numerous teams and interface with multiple stakeholders and report accordingly on a portfolio of maturing research projects
  • Inclusive and a genuine team player, who avoids self-promotion
  • Hands-on, analytical, empathetic, creative, passionate professional committed to ongoing progress
  • Well-spoken and written English language ability a must
  • Adhere to high ethical standards

More Information

Location: Kent Ridge Campus
Organization: Centre for Advanced 2D Materials
Department : Experimental Group
Job requisition ID : 10913