Research Assistant

03 May 2021
End of advertisement period
03 Jun 2021
Contract Type
Full Time

Job Description

Your project management and technical skills are the foundation of this role. You will be working with third-party vendors and supply partners who will be tasked with creating certain components. Your role is twofold:

  1. Develop new insights and understanding into airline total revenue optimization, to understand the impact of bundle pricing, since increasing percentage of revenue comes from ancillary items, such as luggage space, extra leg rooms etc. Use the semiparametric choice model, where cross moments were used to model the correlation of preferences for a pair of products or services. In this way, we can convert the pricing problem into a semi-definite programming problem, where advanced solvers have been developed recently to solve this class of problems. We exploit convexity result in this setting to develop approximate solution to this difficult problem.
  2. Develop a simulation platform to factor in customer’s responses to changing environment in a network revenue management system, and develop a sense and response system to detect anomalies and change in external environment, to help SIA better plan for contingency and re-evaluate pricing strategies. We plan to develop a real-time simulation customized to SIA digital aviation ambition, and build in many other capabilities like consumer choice modelling beyond the traditional MNL models, and also sense and response system to provide early warning to change in operating environment, in the spirit of the QEWS (Quality Early Warning System) that IBM has developed for the manufacturing industry.

Your technical knowledge, interpersonal/communication skills are therefore a requirement to successful creation and delivery of the system.


The University values courage and creativity, openness and engagement, inclusion and diversity, and respect and integrity. As such, we see the importance of recruiting talent aligned to these values and are looking for a Research Assistant who has:

  • a completed Bachelor’s degree in management science, industrial engineering or related field
  • evidence of ability to conduct high-quality research
  • strong programming background and problem-solving skills in related simulation platforms
  • strong mathematical and programming background and problem-solving skills
  • an ability to work in a collaborative team environment

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