Associate Professor of Finnic Languages

Estonia (EE)
20 Oct 2020
End of advertisement period
02 Nov 2020
Contract Type
Fixed Term
Full Time

Associate Professor of Finnic Languages

Institute of Estonian and General Linguistics

Deadline: 02.11.2020

Duties and responsibilities

  • Teaching at all levels of higher education, using up-to-date teaching methods and educational technology. The Associate Professor of Finnic Languages will teach courses on topics related to Votic and Ingrian languages and fieldwork.
  • Supervision of students (primarily master’s and doctoral students).
  • The Associate Professor also has responsibilities in administration and development of teaching and methodology.
  • The Associate Professor will be expected to undertake supplementary training in skills related to teaching and supervision, R&D activities and management.
  • Teaching and teaching related activities make up at least 20% of the workload (180 work-hours in a year, in case of a half-time workload).
  • Participation in high-level R&D activities in the field of phonetics and morphology of Finnic languages, language contact and field linguistics, incl. securing resources necessary for R&D and implementing contracts related to R&D.
  • R&D activities account for 70% duties or more, therefore internationally recognized research in the volume equivalent to that of at least one doctoral thesis is required in five years in case of half-time workload.
  • If necessary, supervision of R&D activities of academic staff
  • Participation in the activities of Estonian and international research organizations and in the work of the editorial boards of recognized research journals, organizing international conferences, participation in Estonian and international expert groups.
  • Contributions to the development of specialist terminology.
  • Participation in the work of academic and administrative decision-making bodies and performing at least one managerial task are recommended.
  • Popularization of the field of specialization and participation in activities for promotion and application of the field of specialization at the national or international level.

See also job description.

Required qualifications

  • PhD or an equivalent qualification. See also requirements for teaching and research staff.

Required experience

  • Ability to organize and carry out teaching at all levels of higher education.
  • Previous teaching experience in at least the first two levels of higher education, incl. effective supervision of master’s or doctoral students.
  • Experience in creating study and teaching materials for institutions of higher education.
  • Knowledge of modern teaching and learning environments and methodologies and opportunities for their development.
  • Ability to direct a research theme and supervise academic staff involved.
  • Research on Finnic languages, especially Votic and Ingrian experimental phonetics and grammar and publications on corresponding topics in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Internationally recognized professional research, the volume of which is equivalent to that of at least two doctoral theses.
  • Ongoing active engagement in research: internationally recognized research amounting to at least a volume equivalent to one doctoral thesis in the last five years.
  • Successful applications for research funding and performing R&D contracts in the last five years.
  • Experience in fieldwork with Votic, Ingrian, and other Finno-Ugric languages. Experience in processing sound archives of minor Finnic languages; knowledge of linguistic software, including Praat, ELAN, and FieldWorks Language Explorer.
  • Participation in the work of the international community in the field of specialization, incl. participation in the work of professional associations or international R&D projects, work on the editorial boards of research publications or as a reviewer, work as an expert in foreign institutions, organizing international research conferences.
  • Experience in application and popularization of theoretical knowledge is recommended.
  • Experience in team or project management.
  • Participation in activities related to the promotion and implementation of the field of specialization at the institutional, national or international level.

Required language skills
Command of Estonian, English, Russian, Votic and Ingrian.

Starting at 01.03.2021

Workload 0,50

Salary Remuneration based on UT Salary Rules. Salary is negotiable, at the workload of 0,5 the minimum salary is 850 euros (gross) per month. See also UT salary rules.

Additional info
Liina Lindstöm, Professor, Head of the Insitute of Estonian and General Linguistics (+372 513 8446,