Assoc / Assistant / Professor in Groundwater Science and Engineering

Faculty position in Groundwater Science and Engineering

With the goal of building "a world-class university rooted in China" and focusing on the international academic frontier, College of Water Sciences (CWS), Beijing Normal University, aims to build an academic exchange platform and a stage to display academic achievements for the young talents; from abroad and locally, who "care for the motherland and have a global mind".

We welcome excellent talents to apply for the faculty positions offered, by participating in our Water Sciences Forum to be held in September 2020. Through online special reports, academic discussions and other forms, the forum will discuss international academic frontier issues on Water Sciences that can broaden academic horizons, promote international exchanges and cooperation. This forum will enhance a comprehensive understanding of CWS's development strategy, discipline construction, scientific research, talent team building and other policy systems.

Recruitment disciplines:

Recruitment disciplines include but are not limited to the followings:

  • Groundwater environmental monitoring and risk assessment
  • Comprehensive simulation and prediction of groundwater
  • Soil - Groundwater Pollution Control and Remediation

For more details on this Forum, please visit:

Water Sciences Forum for International Young Scholars

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