Tenure-Track Professorship - uni:TT-programme

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Tenure-Track Professorships

Full details and the application deadline can be found at:

University of Vienna Tenure Track Professorships

Ten tenure track professorships are financed through the uni:TT-programme to further develop existing strengths and to establish new research areas with high potential.

• International Dispute Resolution

• Governance, Organizational Design and Digitalization

• Management of Massive Data

• Migration and Mobility

• Cognitive Neuroscience of brain-microbiome interactions

• Digital Health Governance

• Stochastic Methods for Data Science

• Gene-culture coevolution in human and animal disease

• Cellular Quality Control

• Translational Precision Analytics in Individualized Medicine

Classification according to the Collective Bargaining Agreement for University Staff: section 49, job group A2. We offer the opportunity to obtain a permanent position and eventual promotion to full professor. The successful candidate is hired as “Assistant professor” for a maximum duration of six years. If the candidate meets the conditions stipulated in the qualification agreement, the assistant professor is promoted to tenured “associate professor”, i.e. obtains a permanent position. Associate professors can be promoted to “full professor” through a university-internal competitive procedure.

The University of Vienna pursues a non-discriminatory employment policy and values equal opportunities, as well as diversity (

The University puts special emphasis on increasing the number of women in senior and in academic positions. Given equal qualifications, preference will be given to female applicants.