Maintenance Person, Commercial Kitchen

California, United States
04 Jun 2020
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04 Aug 2020
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Full Time


In addition to the duties performed by Maintenance Person IIIs, employees at this level work under general supervision and perform maintenance tasks of substantial complexity in two or more trades. The skill level associated with this classification requires incumbents to have a full working knowledge of craft procedures and practices in at least two of the trades listed in the Maintenance III or Maintenance III Premium classifications. Employees in this classification typically work within prescribed procedures but may make unique and innovative modifications as necessary to safely and expeditiously discharge their assigned work. Work may be spot checked while in progress or inspected upon completion. Employees may work alone, or as a member of a crew (with or without lead responsibility).


  • Refrigeration, Residential and Commercial Food Service Appliances, Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC
  • General: Under general supervision, performs journeyman level troubleshooting,  repair and installation of residential refrigerators, all refrigeration equipment, commercial food service equipment, HVAC equipment (as pertains to Housing and Dining building stock), kitchen and dining plumbing systems and plumbing fixtures common to kitchens and steam supply systems as applies to kitchen and housing building stock.
  • Technician is responsible for the installation of various plumbing, electrical and HVAC equipment which he ensures is in compliance with all UPC, NEC and OSHA and equipment manufacture’s recommendations and all other applicable codes.

Expected Standard:

  • Understands, applies and ensures compliance with National Electrical Code, Universal Plumbing Code and Uniform Mechanical Code.
  • Ensures compliance with OSHA and manufacture’s requirements, standards, and codes
  • Exhibits the knowledge and ability to work with various materials found in the work place.
  • Exhibits the ability to work independently and with little supervision.
  • Exhibits the ability to read and follow blueprints.
  • Appropriately follows oral and written directions.
  • All work is conducted to ensure high quality workmanship and equipment is serviced to industry standards.
  • Correctly inspects and troubleshoots systems for malfunctions.
  • Safely and effectively performs start up and shut down of building systems.
  • Lays out work appropriately.

 Parts, Technical Research

  • General: Researches parts, sources technical information

Expected Standard:

  • Orders materials in a timely way, to avoid work order delays/rescheduling.
  • Follows appropriate protocol to keep all tools, equipment and keys secure at all times.
  • Refrigeration

General: Checks, maintains, repairs and installs all refrigeration related equipment.  Repairs or replaces evaporators, condensing units and compressors.  Trouble shoots equipment to find malfunctioning components.  Safely shuts down building systems and makes repairs to equipment.  Recharges units with refrigerant, checks for leaks.  Performs arc and acetylene welding and brazing as required. Cuts, bends, solders, threads and assembles pipes and fittings. Refrigeration equipment includes but is not limited to walk-in freezers and refrigerators, reach-in freezers and refrigerators, salad bar and other counter type refrigerated surfaces, under counter and self-serve refrigerators and ice machines of all types. Performs refrigerator demolition process. Evacuates refrigerant, removes compressors from refrigerators, drains compressors and basically prepares old refrigeration units for discard.

Expected Standard:

  • Exhibits journey level knowledge and skills in refrigeration.    
  • Maintains and repairs all aspects of refrigeration equipment.
  • Exhibits the ability to trouble shoot and correct refrigeration equipment.
  • HVAC Equipment

General: Technician will provide maintenance and installation as required on all supply and exhaust systems related to kitchens and dining areas. This includes locally mounted fans as well as rooftop ventilation equipment and will include all water and steam service to fans for evaporative cooling, and steam or hydronic heating. Service/replacement of filters and fan belts is an integral part of this category of work.

Expected Standard:

  • Exhibits journey level skills in HVAC equipment service.
  • Maintains and repairs all aspects of HVAC equipment.
  • Exhibits ability to trouble shoot and repair all HVAC equipment in R&DE facilities

 Air Conditioning

 General: Service on Air conditioning systems in both Housing and Dining area is included. These are largely the split system type A/C units in offices and computer rooms.  All service shall be done in accordance with manufactures recommendations and will include assessing problems with systems, ordering and installing the required parts and putting the systems back on line.

Residential Appliances and Commercial Food Service Equipment

 General: Checks, troubleshoots, maintains, repairs, installs all residential appliances and commercial cooking equipment or appliances including but not limited to gas and electric cook top stoves, flat top griddles, ovens, disposals and other garbage processing equipment, dish handling equipment, washers, tray conveyors, booster heaters both electric and steam, mixers, ice machines, ice cream serving machines, rotisseries and other radiant heat devices, steam using equipment such as steam kettles, steamers, gas fired steamers and kettles, food warmers, fryers and in general, all other miscellaneous cooking or food handling. Technician will perform all connections and disconnections of this equipment according to all applicable codes regarding gas, electric, and water and steam services. Technician is responsible for assessing repairs required for proper operation, acquiring parts through stock or special order avenues, providing all notifications for shutdowns, making all repairs and bring all repaired equipment back in service.

Expected Standard:

  • Exhibits journey level knowledge and skills in commercial appliance repair
  • Maintains and repairs all aspects of refrigeration equipment.
  • Exhibits the ability to trouble shoot and correct refrigeration equipment.

Plumbing/Steam fitting

General: Work in this category includes any plumbing activity required for the proper function of kitchen dining related equipment or as assigned, all to be done in accordance with uniform plumbing code and uniform mechanical Codes. Plumbing work could be with gas pipe and fitting, all types of drainage piping, copper, brass and galvanized water pipe, black steel pipe for steam, etc. Work in the category includes plumbing and steam piping as required servicing kitchen equipment. Steam fitting work includes working with 40 psi pressure. Steam delivered to Dining and Housing facilities and will include steam feed to equipment as well as monitoring and repairing steam heated water heating package equipment. Installs, maintains, and repairs domestic hot and cold water systems, including heating systems, boilers, hot water tanks, heat exchangers, radiators, valves, and pumps. May install and maintain chilled water systems and related equipment, including pumps, valves, regulators, coils and strainers.  Installs, maintains, and repairs all types of plumbing fixtures and supply lines such as faucets, sinks bathtubs, toilets, water heaters, range hoods, and garbage disposals. Inspects plumbing systems for malfunctions. Turns systems off safely and makes repairs as needed.  Installs and repairs gas lines and related equipment. Cuts, bends, solders, threads, and assemble pipe and fittings solder, glue, or welding. Installs, cleans, maintains, and repairs sanitary waste lines and storm drainage systems, using hand or power tools.

Expected Standard:

  • Exhibits the ability to trouble shoot and correct plumbing systems and gas supply lines.
  • Exhibits the ability to install and maintain plumbing equipment, fixtures and appliances.
  • Exhibits the ability to install and maintain sanitary waste lines, drains

 Electrical Repair and Maintenance

General: Performs electrical work as required to provide service to all kitchen and dining related equipment. This includes line voltage (ordinarily 120V and 208V AC) as well as all low voltage controls. This category includes all connections and disconnections shall be properly noticed and tagged out. All new or rework shall be in accordance with all applicable codes including NEC.

Expected Standard:

  • Exhibits some knowledge in basic electrical repair and maintenance.
  • All repairs and replacements are conducted to ensure high quality workmanship and all electrical systems are serviced to industry standards.
  • Completes all PM&I tasks as assigned and within the given time line.

 Multi-Trade Repair and Maintenance

General: Technician performs repair duties in all other areas of maintenance as required.

Unclogging drains, resetting circuit breakers, replacing smoke detectors, responding to any form of emergency calls regarding flooding are a few of the areas where multi trade response is required.

Expected Standard:

  • When directed, responds to requests for repair and maintenance outside of normal work tasks.
  • Maintains electronic work orders assigned through PDA device.
  • Notifies supervisor when follow up work is necessary or additional resources are required.
  • Provides high quality workmanship in tasks performed.

 * - Other duties may also be assigned

Education & Experience:
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Ability to read and interpret electrical schematics for troubleshooting residential and commercial appliances.
  • Knowledge of building codes across electrical and mechanical trades.
  • Ability to assist other co-workers throughout other skilled trade work environments.
  • Ability to use testing devices and equipment related to food service equipment repairs.
  • Possess work habits conducive with food service preparation and storage.
  • Capable of learning and applying safe work practices and procedures, including but not limited to:  Class III asbestos work, proper use and care of respirators, hazardous waste management and handling, lockout tag out procedures, Injury and Illness Prevention Program, Confined Space procedures, CPR, and chemical safe practices.


Certifications and Licenses:

  • Valid Non-Commercial Class California Driver’s License

 * - Consistent with its obligations under the law, the University will provide reasonable accommodation to any employee with a disability who requires accommodation to perform the essential functions of the job.

  • Wears respirator and other protective safety equipment and clothing as needed.
  • Must be able to lift heavy materials frequently each day.
  • Works in all type of weather. 
  • Able to climb on roofs or crawl under buildings.
  • Responds to emergency calls at night or on weekends. 
  • Willing to work variable shifts at nights or weekends.


  • Subject to and expected to comply with all applicable University policies and procedures, including but not limited to the personnel policies and other policies found in the University's Administrative Guide,

Additional Information

  • Schedule: Full-time
  • Job Code: 7752
  • Employee Status: Regular
  • Grade: A39
  • Requisition ID: 86232

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