Research Fellow, Energy Research Institute

29 May 2020
End of advertisement period
28 Jun 2020
Contract Type
Full Time

The Energy Research Institute @ NTU invites applicants for the position of Research Fellow

  • Core expertise: Power System Analysis, Renewable Energy Management & Control Systems, Optimization under Uncertainty
  • Design & develop optimization algorithms/tools to build an application platform at grid enterprise level that can aggregate, optimize & manage the Distributed Energy Resources in view of the advanced utility grid operations, ancillary services & intelligent distribution network
  • Capturing all the system- and device-level operational constraints, uncertainties in the optimization-based decision- making process through stochastic optimization formulation/approximate dynamic programming approach
  • Power system analysis, Energy Management Systems, Model Predictive Control
  • Optimization problem formulation & solution techniques: LP, NLP, MILP, MINLP, Heuristics, Dynamic Programming
  • Optimization under uncertainty (e.g., robust/stochastic approach-based DER network optimization)
  • Distributed energy resources modeling/management & integrated grid ancillary services devoted to time-critical grid operations to maintain reliability and stability (e.g., voltage/power management, fast demand response, contingency reserve, peak demand management, regulation service (voltage/frequency), battery storage energy arbitrage, and electric vehicles (V2G/G2V))
  • Decomposition techniques to tackle real-time control & computational problems in distribution grid management

Job Requirements:

  • PhD Degree in Electrical/Computer Engineering. Specialized in Power Systems/Renewable Energy Management/Optimization/Control Systems
  • Min. Years of Experience : 2 to 5 years
  • Proficiency:
    • Solvers (e.g., GLPSOL, CPLEX, and GUROBI)
    • Mathematical programming languages (e.g., GLPK, AMPL, GAMS and YALMIP)
    • Power system simulation/modeling tools (e.g., PSCAD and MATLAB /Simulink SimPowerSystems toolbox)

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