Scientific Research Manager

California, United States
18 May 2020
End of advertisement period
18 Jul 2020
Contract Type
Full Time

Job Summary

As an employee of the Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and reporting to Professor Rustem Ismagilov, the Scientific Research Manager provides oversight, direction, and project management for multiple, simultaneous research-related projects to ensure the timely production of high-quality scientific materials. Develops original, technical scientific content, and provides oversight and direction for all grant proposals, grant reports, patent disclosures, and manuscript submissions.

Job Duties

Research Functions:

Project Management of Research Grant Proposals

  • Utilizing knowledge of Group’s research areas, independently conducts searches of unique research funding opportunities. Independently identifies private and federal funding opportunities. Makes initial contact with funding agencies to obtain information that will help narrow opportunities to those that are most relevant to group research goals.
  • Introduces research funding opportunities to PI, graduate students, and postdocs. Facilitates discussions regarding the design of research proposal strategies; discussions include proposed strategies of written content and data visualization to support the application. Contributes original ideas that ultimately result in research proposal framing. Maintains and updates database of potential new funding opportunities, and/or written content.
  • Maintains and updates database of potential funding organizations and opportunities.
  • Identifies and acquires documentation for research proposals, including relevant documents for compliance (e.g. IRB, IACUC, IBC requirements).
  • Manages proposal from inception to delivery: develops workspaces; liaises with PI, students and postdocs to acquire data and content; contributes original writing; manages citations (references); creates and/or edits figures; liaises with grants manager to develop budgets; final review of all grant proposal content.

Research Reporting Project Management

  • Oversees and coordinates the development of technical reports and progress reports to funding agencies. Develops schedules and timelines for research reporting in accordance with funding requirements as appropriate.
  • Works with PI to identify key research components for each technical report, then liaises with postdocs and graduate students to acquire relevant content and data. Produces unique, technical scientific written content as needed.
  • Engages and corresponds with funding agencies and program managers (including DoD, NSF and NIH) to ensure report deliverables are appropriate and meet all requirements.Participates in teleconferences and meetings with funding agency program managers.
  • Works with group members, faculty, grant managers and other administrators to complete all reporting in a timely manner.

Research Compliance Management

  • Interprets and ensures compliance with institute policies, scientific protocols (human subjects and animal protocols), and federal regulations. Serves as a resource on compliance for all research group scientists, students, and staff. Maintains records of all human subjects and laboratory animals, and associated protocols.
  • Ensures group members have correct and up-to-date trainings (e.g., NIH research conduct, bloodborne pathogens, medical clearance, etc.) on file.
  • In collaboration with group researchers and utilizing knowledge of research practices and Institute guidelines, drafts IACUC protocols and routes them through Institute research-compliance offices.
  • For animal protocols funded by the Department of Defense (DoD), prepares protocol applications for Animal Care and Use Review Office (ACURO) review, including performing research to confirm the lack of overlap between previously funded animal work and the research group’s proposed animal protocols. Coordinates the approval of DoD-funded animal protocols with ACURO administration.
  • Utilizing knowledge of research practices and Institute guidelines, produces, creates, and maintains IRB protocols for studies related to human subjects. Works with IRB administrator to ensure compliance with Institute, federal, and funder-relevant regulations. Works with clinical collaborators to ensure IRB protocols at the collaborator’s institute and Caltech are aligned.
  • Manage the acquisition of material transfers (e.g. biological materials); composes documents for transfer justifications (e.g. with APHIS); coordinates with Institute Biosafety Officer to meet requirements of all Institute, state, and federal regulatory offices.

Research Publications Management

  • Manages the editorial process for the submission of peer-review publications.
  • Collaborates with scientific researchers to provide structural guidance and content feedback for the creation of high-quality research manuscripts.
  • Researches relevant scientific references for inclusion in scientific publications. Manages all reference libraries for the research group.
  • Contributes to original content of scientific manuscripts, including composing scientific abstracts for publication and writing cover letters to journal editors.
  • Corresponds with editors at academic journals.
  • Follows each manuscript through the publication process to ensure published materials remain error-free and that they are indexed in appropriate databases (e.g. Pubmed).

Intellectual-Property Management

  • Edits patent content for clarity, logic, grammar. Manages citations (references) for patent applications.
  • Ensures that intellectual property is properly disclosed prior to publication.
  • Ensures that patent disclosures meet Tech Transfer Office requirements and are filed in a timely manner.
  • Develops scientific figures for use in patent applications (e.g. by recoloring and/or resizing figures to meet patent formatting requirements).

Other Research Responsibilities

  • Works with collaborator clinicians and lab researchers to write manuals of operations (MOP) detailing research activities and documenting workflows, ensuring that all biosafety, legal, and Institute requirements are met.
  • Produces reports for PI and research group that may be statistical and analytical in nature.
  • Track and monitor deadlines and requirements for research projects.
  • Develop and maintain electronic workspaces and archives for research projects, grants, papers.
  • Management of scientific peer reviews performed by group for academic journals.
  • Assist the PI in creation of presentation slides for research talks.

Administrative Functions:

  • Administers research group budgets. Works with grant managers to ensure accuracy of financial reports and the provision of funding resources. Monitors research group spending to ensure that expenditures meet requirements set by the Institute, funding agencies, and regulators. Collaborates with grant manager(s) to keep track of funding accounts and submit award proposals.
  • Ensures the appropriate and necessary level of research procurement is maintained. Approves group purchases made through on-line purchasing system (TechMart). Ensures that all research group purchases of supplies, equipment, and services are charged to the appropriate accounts and that relevant expenses meet federal regulations.
  • Provides website content management. Review and edit written materials and content for website(s) and other electronic communications; proof drafts, manuscripts, and final graphics by providing reorganization, cuts, or rewrites as necessary.
  • Develops, implements, and maintains electronic archives of grants, research projects, patent applications, and other confidential information. Regularly make back-ups of all electronic archives.
  • Assists the PI with recruitment of graduate students and hiring of postdocs and research staff.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Basic Qualifications

  • Master’s degree in chemistry, engineering or other life science.
  • 5 years of experience working in a laboratory.
  • Demonstrated experience managing projects in a research environment.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Demonstrated supervisory and/or management experience.
  • Ability to exercise discretion, maintain confidentiality, and independent decision making.
  • Familiarity with scientific and engineering terminology.
  • Ability to learn new scientific and engineering concepts and terminology.
  • Strong language skills and attention to detail.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to prioritize work according to urgency, multi-task, and work under tight deadlines.
  • Ability to master new material and to adapt to changes in workflow and requirements.
  • Must have strong problem-solving skills.

Preferred Qualifications

  • PhD degree in chemistry, engineering, or other life science.
  • Experience with graphics computer software.
  • Previous scientific or engineering research experience.
  • Previous experience in writing, editing, and publishing scientific materials.

Required Documents

  • Resume