Assistant / Associate / Professor for Ideological and Political Education Program

The Institute of Humanities at ShanghaiTech University was established in June 2019. Aiming at cultivation of both scientific and humanistic quality of students who will be competent for the global challenges, our institute undertakes the general education of ideological and political theory, humanities and social sciences, so as to realize the goals of nurturing innovative talents majoring in science and technology who are urgently needed by our nation. In order to achieve these goals, we are recruiting talents at home and abroad.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Comply to teaching arrangements of our institute, and mainly take charge of teaching ideological and political theory courses prescribed by the Ministry of Education in China and ShanghaiTech University. Design course syllabus and be capable of developing new courses to ensure the courses have vivid learning objectives, evaluation criteria as well as assessment process;
  2. Undertake both teaching and research work. Master the development of Ideological and political education along with the trend of general education. Be responsible for constructing the Ideological and political education system, participate in curriculum building and evaluation, be motivated for the exchange and innovation of teaching methods among colleagues;
  3. Carry out the construction of excellent courses, teaching materials as well as  innovation of teaching methods;
  4. Be in charge of coordinating the teaching cooperation and quality control with off campus resources based on the assigned teaching tasks;
  5. Take part in school construction and other relevant social service work.


  1. We prefer candidates that are already accredited with academic attainments and outstanding teaching performance.
  2. Accept school concepts, keen on ideological and political education and general education, and have strong adaptability and resistance to pressure.
  3. Required majors: International Politics, First level discipline of Marxist Theory (focus on fundamental principles of Marxism, Marxism abroad, ideological and Political Education),Marxist philosophy, political economy and scientific socialism.

Salary Package

According to the regulations and evaluation system of Shanghai University of science and technology, we provide competitive salary, allowance and welfare.

Application Procedure

  1. Send your application dossier (including your resume, cover letter, three representative papers) to
  2. Personal resume includes education background and work experience, main research contents, list of representative papers and research interests.
  3. Provide detailed contact information of your three referees and we may contact them directly for sending the reference letters if necessary. Please also indicate your relations with the referees.